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Summer is upon us and you know what that means: wedding season is in full bloom. Weddings are when you want to feel more beautiful than you've ever felt in your life, so choosing the perfect makeup artist is important.

There are a ton of makeup artists in Dallas to choose from, so how do you narrow down the right one?

How To Find The Perfect Makeup Artist In Dallas

Finding an artist to suit your style can take some time and effort. You may have to spend time scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, or calling around to compare schedules and rates. Or, you could use Booksy.com and get linked up with the perfect makeup artist in a breeze. This website makes it so simple to find the services you need and to book an appointment. You simply fill in three boxes: what you need, where you need it, and when you need it. From there, you'll be brought to a page of search results that feature pictures, reviews, ratings, and appointment options.  In Dallas, there are more than 300 results for makeup artists, so finding the perfect one to glam you up for weddings, proms, holidays, and other special events is sure to be easy.

How Much Do Makeup Artist In Dallas Cost?

You can find makeup appointment prices in Dallas for anywhere from $45 for natural makeup, to $225+ for full bridal makeup. In between, there are options such as "event glam" makeup for things like prom and graduation for $60. Appointment times range from 45 minutes to a couple of hours.

What Does A Makeup Artist Do?

Makeup artists, whether self-taught or licensed as cosmetologists or estheticians have extensive knowledge of makeup and application techniques. It's not as simple as just slapping products on your face. Products all have different ingredients and mesh together differently.  Makeup artists are skilled in creating the perfect look to brighten up your look or transform it completely, and they can do it in a timely manner. They know just how to enhance your beauty and cover any flaws you may want concealed. Makeup artists are passionate about their work, and you'll surely learn some tips and tricks in the pampering process of getting your face made up.

Is It Difficult To Find a Makeup Artist Near Me?

In a bustling city like Dallas, there are tons of talented makeup artists. Some work in shops and salons, but most will travel to you to work their magic for your special day, event, or photoshoot. You can use Booksy.com to search for and choose the right makeup artist for you, and then you can get a consultation or a trial run to make absolutely sure that you both have the same vision in mind.

What Are Some Makeup Looks I Could Have Done?

One of the biggest reasons people hire makeup artists is because they have the skill to do things that you couldn't do your own, such as applying fake eyelashes. It's not a skill for the weak. Fake eyelashes are usually applied after the eye makeup is done, so one wrong move and you could ruin your entire look. This is why it's best left to the professionals. 

Complicated eyeshadow looks are another good reason to go to a professional. Whether it's a dramatic smoky eye or a fancy cut-crease, these looks take skills that the average person would have to practice a lot before succeeding. 

Makeup artists also know the best products to use for any given event. For weddings, you obviously want a look that's both cry-proof and kiss-proof. A professional makeup artist will be armed with the perfect products to keep you looking gorgeous no matter how hot, humid, or emotional your special day turns out to be. Matching your foundation, concealer and powder to your skintone is another art form that is best left to a professional. It' easy to look at a tube of foundation and think it will match your skin, but there's a whole world of undertones that go into making sure you have the perfect match.

With events that involve photographers, flashback is another thing to consider when having your makeup applied. A professional makeup artist will know exactly how to make sure your makeup doesn't look bad in photographs.