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To some getting a manicure is just a regular appointment, a necessity, while to others it’s a ritual. Whatever the case, with so many options available, booking a manicure in New York City can be a hassle. That’s why a good idea is to consider using Booksy for your next appointment. Let us explain why... Booking an appointment online for a manicure in New York City At first, you may think that booking a manicure in New York City is a challenge. Fortunately, with Booksy, it’s never been easier! All you need to do is visit the Booksy website or open the Booksy app. The Booksy app is available free of charge for both iOS and Android operated devices.  Ok, so let’s say you’ve got Booksy in front of your eyes. What you’ll want to do now is locate the search bar at the top of the screen. There you’ll see two fields you’ll need to fill out–in the first one you’ll type in the service you’re interested in and in the second one, your location. In this case you’ll fill the fields with “manicure” in “New York City.”  When you’ve got both fields filled out, our search engine will work its magic and present you with a list of salons in your area that offer manicure services. From there, all you’ll need to do is choose the nail salon you like best, the date and what time works best for you.  The great thing about booking beauty service appointments like this is that you can do it anytime, anywhere! Maybe you’re just going to bed and remembered you need to book a manicure before some special event. A few clicks, or taps, and you’re good to go! What is a manicure? A manicure is essentially a beauty treatment for your nails and hands. During this service a manicurist will trim your nails, file them into the desired shape, and paint them with nail polish or nail strengthener. There are many different types of manicures out there, you can opt for a regular manicure, gel nails, acrylics, and more.  How can I choose a nail salon that offers the best manicure in New York City? With Booksy, not only booking, but also choosing the right nail salon becomes much easier. See, we have amazing users. After a finished appointment, each user can leave a rating and write a review of their experience. This later allows potential clients to browse through those feedbacks and decide if a place truly suits their needs.  Another way you can speed up the process of choosing your nail salon is by using the “sort by” feature. This feature is available on the results page. There are two ways you can sort the listed salons–by “Recommended by Booksy” or by “Top Reviewed.” How much does a manicure cost? As mentioned above, there is a myriad of different types of manicures. That’s why it’s impossible to put one specific price tag on the service. There are some factors that will affect the final cost. For example, acrylic nails will cost more than a classic, regular manicure. The final cost will also depend on other factors, like the location of the salon, the products used, or the experience of the manicurist. Another great thing about Booksy is that you’ll always see the price of the service in the salon you’re looking at. So you won’t be surprised once the manicure is finished. How can I find a salon offering manicures open now? Ok, so now we need to go back to the search process. After you’ve typed in the service you’re interested in and your location, you’ll have the opportunity to check what dates and times of day (morning, afternoon, or evening) work best for you. Once you do this, the search engine will update the results list and only show you those nail salons that have an open time slot for the date you chose.  If you’re not sure what are the operating hours of the salon you’ve chosen, you can always look them up on Booksy. When you’re on the salon’s page, locate the section titled “Contact & Business Hours.” There you’ll have all the information you may need! How can I find a nail salon that offers a manicure near me? One last awesome Booksy feature we need to mention is the “Map View.” This option allows you to see all the salons from the results list pinpointed directly on the map. Now you can see which salon is closest to your home or office. Just click, or tap, the “Map View” button on the results page!