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Nose Piercing in Tampa

What used to be a possible sign of teenage rebellion has become a definite style staple -- whether you identify as punk or not. From bead rings to studs to barbells, numerous types of jewelry are used to decorate the nose through piercing, guaranteed to make a strong aesthetic statement.

What is Nose Piercing?

A nose piercing is the piercing or puncturing of any part of the nose. The piercing is typically done in order to wear different forms of jewelry, to make an accessorizing statement. Piercings in the nostril is the most common kind, now often seen everywhere from the runway to the street.

How Long Does Nose Piercing Take to Get Done?

The process of getting your nose pierced doesn’t take long at all, probably less than 30 minutes. Do allow time for the technician to clean and prepare the area.

How Long Does Nose Piercing Last?

Nose piercings should last as long as you take good care of the piercing and always keep it filled with jewelry. The piercing will take some time to heal, about 4-6 months.

How Much Does Nose Piercing Cost in Tampa?

Some piercers will include the price of the jewelry in the total cost, but generally piercings cost between $30-$80.

Where to Get Nose Piercing in Tampa

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