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  • LB Aesthetics

    6.3 mi 2664 Berryessa Rd, Suite 118, San Jose, 95132
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    De-Pigmentation / Hyperpigmentation treatment

    The peel involves a two-step process which begins in office. The first step involves the application of a thick, mud-like mask by a professional. This mask contains Azelaic Acid, Kojic Acid, Phytic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Arbutine, and Titanium Dioxide. The mask should remain on the face for 6-10 hours, but the total amount of time depends on your skin type and the amount of hyperpigmentation being treated. The mask is left on for 4-8 hours, then removed at home. Since the peel is a two-step process, you will be instructed to apply a second topical anti-spot cream daily. This helps to maintain the results achieved with the The Peel applied in office while preventing the appearance of new dark spots and areas of hyperpigmentation. This maintenance cream is comprised of similar ingredients and should be used up to one year after a Peel. It works to correct hyperpigmentation while regulating the overproduction of melanin in the melanocytes. It inhibits tyrosinase activation within the melanosome and lowers the oxidative stress, which reduces the production of melanin. The result is to inhibit and control the development of new dark spots. The treatment is unique in that it is both corrective and preventive for immediate and long-term results. When the mask is applied and left on for the indicated amount of time, you may see up to 95% reduction in the skin’s pigmentation on the surface of the skin within 30 days. Hyperpigmentation is a common concern and can have a negative psychological and emotional impact. It is caused by an abnormal production of melanin by the melanocytes (the cells that produce melanin) and results in irregular skin discoloration and dark spots. While treatment options vary, This treatment is ideal because it is safe for all skin types and provides results in as few as one to two weeks. The peel can treat erythematous scars. These are red scars that remain after a breakout has healed. It can also treat hyper-pigmented scars, which are dark scars left behind after acne. The peel helps with minor textural damage to skin caused by Acne. BEFORE YOUR TREATMENT ● No scrubs or facial exfoliation on the day of treatment. ● Men should not shave two days prior to treatment. ● No waxing in treated areas one week prior to treatment. ● No peels, laser resurfacing or medical grade exfoliation within two weeks of treatment. ● Cannot be pregnant or lactating **FINAL COST OF TREATMENT WILL BE DETERMINED DURING YOUR CONSULTATION/FIRST APPOINTMENT. Price ranges from $1500-$2500
    Mild Hyperpigmentation Treatment
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    90 Day followup hyperpigmentation


    30 Day followup hyperpigmentation

  • Waxing With Ray

    17.7 mi HOME BASED, Newark, 94560


    For new brow clients. Let’s discuss your brow goals & how we can achieve them.


    For returning clients 2-6 weeks from last service. Includes a brow wax, trim & groom.


    For returning clients 6 or more weeks from last service. Includes a brow wax, trim & groom.
  • Mobile service

    Sweet Tooth Gems & GRILLZ

    38.4 mi 2125 Mac Arthur, Inside VIP Professional Barbershop, Oakland, 94602

    Whitening + Gem Combos

    ⚠️Maintanance Kit NOT Included⚠️ 24k Teeth Whitening 30min session broken into 2 short sessions. Remineralizing After care/Follow up: Every 3 months 30 min Tooth Whitening Sessions with American Made Products. We use a 16% peroxide basic Whitening Gel which is gentle for sensitive teeth and a state of the art whitening light that has 3 light options to ensure a comfortable experience. Guaranteed Results!!! You will also receive 1 tooth gem at the time of service added to your tooth! (Swarovski Crystals ONLY)
    1h 15min
    30 min + Swarovski Crystal
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    Wedding/Event GLAMBRITE

    GLAMBRITE includes five 5 star services: 1) full face make up (includes glitter add-on) 2) lip 3) eyelash application 4) 30 minute teeth whitening 5) 1 tooth gem (optional) *Your teeth whitening and gem(s) will be placed first. Make up by Gracie @graciondabeat 1 (510) 938-9343 Teeth Whitening & Gems by Shana @sweettoothgemsandgrillz
    2h 30min

    Swarovski Crystals

    Our tooth jewelry is made by Genuine Swarovski Crystals that are small in diameter, have a flat back platinum surface and are applied to the tooth using safe dental materials. LEAD-FREE Same price for 1 -2 gems
    Save up to 10%
    $85.00 $76.50
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