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After a year like 2020, it's no surprise that the world needs some relief from stress, anxiety, and other things that plague our bodies. In Atlanta, there's a type of therapy that could be just the thing you need to unwind and heal your body and soul. It's called reflexology, and it involves using pressure points in your hands and feet to promote health in different parts of your body. Reflexology in Atlanta is available in many different shops and massage parlors. What exactly is reflexology? The concept behind reflexology is that different points on your hands and feet are interconnected to different organs in your body. By applying pressure to these points, it's believed that you can reduce stress, anxiety, and clear out energy zones to promote overall health and wellness. Also known as "zone therapy," reflexology was introduced by William H. Fitzgerald in 1915, although the practice dates back to ancient Egypt and China. In Chinese medicine, reflexology is believed to keep your body balanced and free from disease. If you have health issues beyond just stress and anxiety, reflexology can help target these ailments and make you healthier, happier, and more comfortable. What body parts correspond with what organs? When it comes to foot reflexology, here's what is connected to where: -The tips of your toes are believed to be connected to your head. -The arch of your foot is believed to be connected to your liver, pancreas, and kidneys. -The ball of your foot is believed to connect to your heart and chest. -The heel of your foot is believed to be connected to your lower back and intestines For hand reflexology: -To help with anxiety, there is a pressure point on your outer hand right below your wrist. -To help with constipation, there is a pressure point located just below your thumb. This is your large intestine pressure point. -To help cure a headache, there is another pressure point lower down on your wrist, between the two tendons in your arm. A reflexologist is highly trained in these pressure points and connections, so be sure to schedule an appointment to experience the special massage therapy firsthand and learn more about the interworkings of your body. What can reflexology help with besides stress? Studies have reflected that reflexology has reduced pain in a number of ailments, such as chest pain, osteoarthritis, kidney stones, diabetes, and even AIDS. Having pressure applied to the various pressure points on your hands, feet, and even ears will release endorphins, improve symptoms, and promote stress-free relaxation. It can help with things like migraines and tension headaches, digestive disorders, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, menstrual-related pain, and more. There is a general warning to pregnant women who may be considering reflexology because certain pressure points can induce labor. This is something to keep in mind if you find yourself trying to go into labor! Book a Reflexology appointment online in Atlanta There is a free, user-friendly platform called that makes it unbelievably simple to book appointments online. Just go to their website using a computer or cell phone, and type in what you're looking for in the search bar. In this case, you'll search for reflexology, set the location to Atlanta, GA, and then choose how soon you want to set an appointment. will provide you with the top 5 star rated businesses that offer the treatment, as well as some available appointments, the price you'll be expected today, and everything from photos to reviews. For more information on reflexology, simply search for "reflexology near me" in your favorite search engine. How much does reflexology therapy cost? Like most businesses, prices vary for each reflexologist. Prices range from $60 to $100 for a one-hour session, and sessions are offered anywhere from 30 minutes to up to two hours. One search result in Atlanta offers a 45-minute session for only $30. What should I expect from my appointment? When consulting with a reflexologist, you'll first answer questions about your current health and lifestyle as well as your medical history. This information will be used to curate your experience to best fit your needs. You will then remove your shoes and socks and settle in on either a reclining chair or a massage table. From there, the reflexologist will assess your feet and/or hands and start the process. They may use lotion or tools such as balls and brushes to give you the most relief.