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Piercings in Atlanta are great for enhancing your style and expressing yourself. There's the classic earlobe piercing, but there are tons of options for anyone feeling adventurous. Whether you want to pierce your ears, nose, lip, or something else, Atlanta has excellent choices. Book a piercing appointment online in Atlanta Atlanta has so many fantastic piercing shops that choosing one can get overwhelming. You might also feel unsure about how to book an appointment. Luckily, Booksy helps you do both. Booksy's website and app are free to use, and they streamline the booking process to set up your appointment within minutes. There's no need to deal with calling a variety of locations to find what you want. Our search function not only allows you to book appointments - it also helps you choose your ideal piercing shop based on your own unique preferences. Not sure what piercers do? Though piercing may seem simple at first, it's actually a bit more complicated. It isn't just sticking a needle through and then popping in a piece of jewelry. Specialists understand that. You're probably familiar with the often-used piercing gun, but that's a big no-no for professional piercers. It's also one of the biggest reasons you want a professional. Piercing guns cause additional trauma to the piercing site, which interferes with healing. That means piercing guns are more likely to leave you with an infected piercing. They're also nearly impossible to sterilize. Since piercings are minor wounds, sterilization is vital. Professional piercers take complex steps to make sure the entire process is sterile. Your safety is paramount to them. They store needles in sterile bags and then use autoclaves to further sterilize the needles. An autoclave uses pressure and superheated steam to get rid of all microorganisms that might be on a needle. Hollow needles are another staple of professional piercers. Instead of just tearing through your skin and then pushing jewelry through the hole, hollow needles remove a tiny amount of skin to make room for your new jewelry. This reduces the trauma to your piercing site. One of the most interesting traits of a hollow needle is that it allows the jewelry to follow the needle straight into your ear. Last but not least, professional piercers give you the most accurate instructions for piercing aftercare. If you want your piercing to heal beautifully (and who doesn't?), proper aftercare is essential. How to choose the best piercer in Atlanta? Atlanta has no shortage of excellent piercing experts, but each person's needs are different. That means some piercers will be more to your liking than others. You can use Booksy's search function to search for the best Atlanta piercers based on reviews. How much do piercing services cost? The cost of piercings in Atlanta depends on many factors. Things like which shop you choose and what sort of piercing you want determine the price you'll be looking at. Earlobe piercings usually range between $20 to $55. Piercings of the eyebrows, navel, or nose are generally between $30 and $65. More complicated piercings might cost anywhere from $40 to $85. If that isn't specific enough, you can just use Booksy to look up prices. When you book with us, we show the exact cost of every service. How can you find piercers open now? Booksy's search function allows you to find piercing shops that are open right now. When you're searching for piercers in Atlanta, our search engine also asks you when you want to go. Your search results will show only the piercing shops in Atlanta that are open during the time you've chosen. Inexpensive piercers in Atlanta If price is a significant concern, Booksy has your back. Once you've used our search function to find a list of piercers, you can choose which order you want us to sort them by. Sort by price, and you'll be good to go. Piercings near me Finding a piercer close to you is one of the easiest things to do on Booksy. Our search function always asks you which location you're looking for. You can search for all options in your city, or you can search specifically for piercers near your own home. It's up to you. If you're looking for the perfect piercing in Atlanta, use Booksy, the free and easy way to find the perfect piercer for you. Note to client - One of the keywords was misspelled. I am including the misspelled version here at the end simply so I will be allowed to submit the order: Pierings near me. Articles Nose Piercing Guide Ear Piercing Trends How To Take Care Of Your Body Piercing Thinking About Getting A Body Piercing?