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Despite being physically fit, sportspeople are more prone to injuries than non-athletes. This is mainly due to engagement in various activities which involve different body movements. The human body is very complex that repetitive intense forces can weaken muscles, tissues, bones, and tendons, among other body components. Furthermore, athletes are not perfect when it comes to controlling body movements. Issues such as muscle imbalance, poor neuromuscular control, and core instability make many athletes susceptible to injuries. Mostly, injuries begin with a micro-tear or a minor fracture, which may later develop into severe damage. Fortunately, there are multiple treatment therapies for every type of injury. One of the essential treatments for athletes is sports massage. Sports massage involves several procedures that relax your muscles, among other benefits. Are you an athlete or an individual living in Atlanta who needs sports massage sessions? We want to help you improve your performance by connecting you with the top therapy specialists in Atlanta. How do we plan to achieve this? Booksy.com is a user-friendly website that enlists top health and cosmetology specialists, including sports massage therapists. Online Booking for Sports Massage A sports massage session requires scheduled appointments. Booksy.com is a free website that offers you various privileges, including scheduling appointments online. This way, you can choose the most convenient time to book and pay for your therapy session. When you log in to the site and search for sports massage therapy sessions, the web page displays all the available specialists and their operating hours. Besides that, you can request an at-home therapy session if you are in intense pain. Due to the high demand for massage therapists in the city, all our specialists can work beyond the standard operating hours, depending on their schedules. The best part about our online reservation system is that appointments are automatically confirmed. More so, clients receive email notifications to remind them of scheduled appointments. You also have the freedom to reserve a fixed therapy time every week with your favorite specialist. What Does a Sports Massage Therapist Do? A sports massage therapist is a health and wellness professional that induces a range of massage techniques to help athletes care for their muscles and recover from injuries. By identifying frequent athletes’ activities, a sports massage therapist uses the information to manipulate soft tissues. Types of Sports Massage Therapies • Petrissage Also known as the kneading technique, petrissage is a therapy that involves treating muscle knots and spasms. The massage therapists apply deep pressure to a particular tissue and the underlying muscle through stretching, squeezing, and kneading. Petrissage improves blood circulation, causes muscular relaxation, eliminates waste products from muscles, and reduces pain. • Muscle Stripping Muscle stripping is an intense deep tissue technique that involves targeting the origin of fibrous tissue. The massage therapist applies pressure to this area, thereby improving blood circulation around that particular area. This technique is one of the best therapies concerning scar tissue formation. Muscle stripping aids in eliminating waste products, improving circulation, muscle elongation, enhancing speed, enhancing power, and improving stability. • Effleurage Effleurage is a sports massage therapy that eliminates waste products from the body by targeting the lymphatic system. Unlike petrissage and muscle stripping, effleurage is a light-pressure technique. The massage therapist induces circular motions in an upward direction towards the lymph nodes. This therapy improves blood circulation, eliminates waste products, reduces tension, reduces stress, cleanses the skin, and speeds up recovery. Benefits of Sports Massage • Enhances physical Performance • Enhances muscular relaxation • Improves stability • Improves sleep • Decreases muscle spasms • Reduces pain • Speeds up recovery • Improves flexibility How to Choose the Best Sports Massage Therapist in Atlanta The best idea when it comes to choosing a sports massage therapist is to do a background check. Booksy.com makes this easy because it provides a list of top certified health and wellness professionals, as well as their ratings. In conjunction with that, you can verify their effectiveness by checking other clients’ reviews. Sports Massage Therapist Cost A full-range sports massage therapy session costs between $100 and $150. This therapy takes 90 minutes. Costs depend on your location and the selected sports massage therapist. How to Find Open Sessions With booksy.com, you can find the specialist you want at your convenience. Our search engine enables you to see the different operating hours and availability of professional merchants in Atlanta. Affordable Massage Therapists in Atlanta Sports massage therapy does not have to be overly expensive. Booksy.com has a system that enables you to sort specialists by price. More so, the majority of our health and wellness professionals have negotiable prices. Sports Massage Near Me Now that you understand the basics of sports massage, how do you find the best sports massage near you? Booksy.com makes this possible by providing a ‘turn on location services’ button that you can use to locate the closest available specialist. Schedule a Sports Massage Appointment with Booksy.com Sports massage therapy is beneficial for athletes and anyone who needs soft tissue mobilization. However, you have to find certified health and wellness professional for the best results. Booksy.com helps you select the top verified sports massage therapists in Atlanta through a free and effective online reservation system. Articles What is a shiatsu massage Health benefits of back massage 4 relaxing massages The benefits of acupressure What Is Reiki Healing?