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Matthews, Chatham County, NC

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    Parlour VII

    38.0 mi Address disclosed once appts are confirmed❣️, Durham, 27705



    Nose Piercing



    2h 30min
  • Holga Prado Beauty Studio

    81.5 mi 165 S Trade St, Suite, 113, Matthews, 28105

    Duo Visage Brows

    The Hybrid procedure draws the hairs with the use of a dermograph, following the guidelines of the eyebrow itself, and also creates a shaded background effect ensuring a more voluminous effect to the eyebrows. The soft filling is indicated for those who have thinner hair and even flaws, ensuring the impression of more volume in the eyebrow strands. The result of this type of procedure is eyebrows with a more voluminous aspect and even thicker and more striking appearance. How long does the smoky micropigmentation last? The result of the filling done through the shadow technique lasts from 6 months to 1 year; and with time, the pigment loses its color and there is the need for retouching. Can anyone do it? The eyebrow smoky filling procedure is indicated for anyone who likes the effect of more striking and well-defined eyebrows, being a possibility to correct flaws and give a more voluminous aspect.
    2h 30min

    Soft Ombré Shadow

    Pointillism technique with more shape definition and flaw correction, for a more defined but natural result. The Pixels effect provides more volume and uses distinct shades, in gradient. It takes the name Shadow Makeup Brows because it has a result similar to makeup.
    2h 30min

    Velvet Contour Lips

    Also known as lip dermopigmentation, it is the application of a pigment on the epidermis that restores the color of the skin in the region and defines the contour of the lips. Our "sensation" of the moment, the 'Micro Labial' is a darling in our stores due to the naturalness provided by the technique, besides the practicality in the day to day, avoiding smudges caused by lipstick. The technique promotes a healthy mouth effect, and not for nothing. Besides, the lip micropigmentation stimulates the production of collagen (protein responsible for skin firmness). It is worth pointing out that the procedure is great for those who want to disguise the signs of age with the loss of the natural contours of the lips, and for those who have thin lips, too. A more voluminous mouth, with color and full of health. How can you not love Micropigmentation? How long does it last? In general, the effect can remain for up to two years, but, in order to maintain the contour and color, it is recommended to have a retouching every year.
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