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Chicago is a city overflowing with art, culture, and history that can be an inspiration for any number of tattoo designs. While some don’t hesitate when it comes to choosing what they want inked onto their skin, for others, the decision is not that simple. Health risks and cost are just two things to consider when it comes to getting a permanent tattoo. Aside from that, tattoos can be a big commitment—what if you’re not sure you’ll always want the tattoo you’re considering? If you’re plagued by these doubts, or you just want something impermanent and decorative for a night out, you could opt for getting a temporary tattoo right here in Chicago. Types of Temporary Tattoos Common types of temporary tattoos are: Airbrush temporary tattoos: The artist uses an airbrush, alcohol based cosmetic inks and a stencil to spray a design onto your skin. Henna temporary tattoos: Henna is a plant-derived dye that is used to paint designs onto your skin. Removable tattoos: The artist uses a needle and special ink called InfinitInk which is permanent but can easily be removed with one or two laser treatments. When it comes to using needles, make sure you get your tattoo from a licenced tattoo artist in a clean environment. To avoid harming your skin, check to see that all the ingredients of your temporary tattoo are FDA approved. Benefits of Temporary Tattoos Pain free or less painful than permanent tattoos Cheaper than permanent tattoos Come in any design Good option if you’re unsure of the design you want to get How Long Does It Take To Get a Temporary Tattoo? Application times depend on the type of tattoo you’re getting. Henna tattoos typically take between 10-20 minutes. An airbrush tattoo takes a few minutes to apply, and depending on the size and design, a removable tattoo can take a few minutes or up to 5 hours. How Long Does a Temporary Tattoo Last? Once again, this depends on the type of temporary tattoo you’re getting. Airbrush tattoos typically last 7-14 days. Henna tattoos generally last 1-3 weeks. Removable tattoos have to be applied with a special type of ink called InfinitInk, but they can be removed with a laser treatment when you decide you want to get rid of it. How Much Does It Cost? A henna tattoo typically costs between $5-$10 in Chicago. Airbrush tattoos go for between $5-$30. Because of the cost of using a specialized ink, InfinitInk tattoos can cost up to 5 times as much as regular permanent tattoos. How To Find a Temporary Tattoo Specialist in Chicago If you need some help deciding whether a certain design is for you, or if you just feel like expressing yourself on a night out, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with a temporary tattoo specialist. Simply download the Booksy app or scroll to the listings above and book your appointment today!