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Have you ever wondered how celebrities have the ability to change their hairstyle and color at the drop of a hat? One day your favorite celeb is sporting a short blonde bob, while the next, she may be donning long brunette locks, without any indication of heat or chemical damage. Well, you don’t have to be an A-lister to make this your reality—wigs are the ideal solution to playing around with different colors, styles, and textures and changing up your appearance every so often.

To find services that center around wigs in Miami, which may include wig making and wig installation, you can view your options on the Booksy app or on booksy.com. Our platform gives users the power to book appointments online, making appointment scheduling simple, convenient, and stress-free. Head over to booksy.com on your desired web browser or download the app for Android or iOS devices to start booking!

What is a wig and what types of wig services are offered?

A wig is a head covering that is meant to act as a replacement for natural hair. Generally, wigs are created from either real or synthetic hair and are worn for several different reasons, whether it’s for concealing baldness or thinning hair or for keeping the natural hair preserved and protected. There are various different kinds of wig services, below we’ll list some of the most common ones you might find locally.


When it comes to buying a wig, pre-made wigs are the fastest and quickest solution. As implied by their name, pre-made wigs come ready-made, so there’s no custom designing involved. The majority of pre-made wigs can be easily slipped on and off at your convenience, with no lengthy installation process necessary. You can typically find pre-made wigs ready to shop at beauty supply stores and specialty wig stores, but certain wig suppliers and wig makers also offer a selection of pre-made wigs that you can purchase.


On the other hand, if you’re looking for a wig that fits your specific criteria such as length, color, texture, or style, you may want to consider a custom wig-making service. When you work with a wig maker, the sky's the limit—these types of professionals have the skills to create a wig that is not only tailored to your preferences but also will ensure a seamless fit to the size and dimensions of your head.


Whether you’ve just gotten a custom-made wig or you’re looking to install a purchased wig, you’ll need to visit a hair care professional for a wig installation. The process of installing a wig usually requires first braiding the natural hair back into cornrows, then slipping the wig over the braided hair. Once the wig is adequately fitted to your scalp, your stylist will apply some adhesive glue to the edges of your hair, securing the wig in place. Professionally installed wigs can generally be worn for up to six weeks before having to be removed or reinstalled.

 How do I choose the best service for wigs in Miami? 

Look no further than Booksy to locate the best services near you! If you’d like to check out the best options for wigs in Miami, use the Booksy search bar by inputting your search-related info into the available fields. Once your results have been generated, it’s just a matter of scrolling through listings of interest to you and reading their reviews to help you decide which services and businesses are the best of the best. Otherwise, you can also click the “Sort by” feature to sort your results by the “Top Reviewed” businesses or the ones that are “Recommended by Booksy”.

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