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Modern interior design ideas for small hair salons


Modern interior design ideas for small hair salons

If you are reading this article, you are probably planning to design (or to revamp) your moderately-sized hair salon’s interior and are growing more and more tired of all the outdated ideas you find in the depths of the Internet. If you’ve had enough of the obsolete glamour-like candelabras and quilted sofas, then you are in the right place - we will give you some brilliant small hair salon design ideas that scream “you will leave us with soft honey babylights, not the brown and white chunks from the early 2000s”. We will focus on the three trends that are currently making waves in the interior design community - industrial, Scandinavian and rustic. We’ll take a look at what defines each of them, what their pros and cons are, which business styles they would fit the best and how expensive they would be to implement. Let’s discuss hair salon decor that will give your brand a boost!

Industrial hair salon interior design

Let’s begin with the nonchalant, modish piece of work that is the industrial style. As the name implies, it takes inspiration from the abandoned industrial buildings, such as old factories and warehouses or urban lofts converted from light industrial use. Its charm lies in its intentional rawness that is supposed to imply that you adapted a deserted workplace. Industrial hair salon interior design

What are the characteristics of this style?

As it is supposed to resemble a post-industrial relic, industrial design is full of seemingly unfinished or discarded elements, such as exposed wiring or ductwork, bricks, concrete and weathered wood. Industrial-themed interiors are usually neutral in colouring (mostly greys and earthy browns), but take advantage of smartly placed contrasts (for example, by pairing light-coloured wood with black wiring). Pipes, wires and hanging metal light fixtures with vintage light bulbs are used as decor. The furniture is usually minimalistic and geometric in form, oftentimes made from raw wood and steel. Industrial style goes well with modern art such as abstract paintings and photography.

Is this a good interior design style for your salon?

Industrial can be a great option if you:

  • offer unique, niche services
  • are not afraid of less conventional types of decor
  • have had enough of stereotypically “lady-like” salon designs
  • target the younger demographic (18-34 years old)
  • want your hair salon’s interior design to become your point of difference
  • want to base your brand on (or compliment it with) the unusual design of your salon
  • want your salon to look trendy and slightly edgy

Industrial may not be the best choice if you:

  • prefer more traditional forms of decor
  • are not keen on the look of raw materials (for you they seem unfinished and messy rather than artsy)
  • target the older demographic with more classic taste
  • want your hair salon design to be more clean and sterile

How can you make your salon interior look industrial on a budget?

If you have the budget and means to go big, it’s best to invest in the materials with which the walls and floors will be lined. Raw wood parquet, concrete-like tiles, bricks - whichever you choose will be a fantastic statement piece of your interior and will make a perfect base for any further decor. However, if you are not keen on spending that much and/or doing such a major renovation, there are ways to give your salon an industrial feel without big investments.

  • Painting the walls in soft, greyish hues will give you a great, neutral base. If you want to go for a statement wall, choose a textured wallpaper that resembles concrete and go for some wall art (eg. your logo made in wire art technique).
  • Once you have your base, it’s best to begin with lighting - you can buy a wide range of industrial-inspired lamps, for example, the ones with steel cages and exposed wiring. They will easily set the tone for an entire interior. Make sure to buy very warm, low-energy bulbs, as lamps without light shades can be quite harsh.
  • For furnishing and decor, opt for industrial-style tables or shelves made from light-coloured wood and black-painted steel, geometrical mirrors and glass room dividers.

Scandinavian hair salon interior design

The Scandinavian design style is minimalistic, sleek and clean, yet very warm and cosy at the same time. The philosophy behind it tells that all things should be functional, simple and of good quality. The Scandinavian design emerged in the Nordic countries during the 1930s and has become a cult classic ever since. Scandinavian hair salon interior design

What are the characteristics of this style?

When you think about the Scandinavian design, the first thing that comes to mind is the calm, muted colour palettes, clean forms, simple profiles and lack of visual clutter. The beauty in this style lies in its simplicity - all the design choices are deliberate and well-thought-through, so that each piece is not only stylish, but also functional. Performance and good looks are equally important. You invest in pieces that are supposed to serve you for years to come, bring joy and provide comfort at the same time. Common elements of Scandi charm are all-white colour schemes, natural wood (and other eco-materials), wide-plank flooring, sculptural forms of decor, occasional pops of colour and a pinch of stylish patterns here and there. And plants. Lots and lots of them!

Is this a good interior design style for your salon?

Scandinavian can be a great option if you:

  • appreciate tidiness and neatness
  • are a pedant and a minimalist
  • are fond of timeless design that will never go out of style
  • care about the environment and promote eco-friendly solutions, products and services
  • have a wide target audience (different ages, genders, budgets)
  • deliver a wide range of services (rather than having a particular niche)
  • are not particularly keen on centring your brand around your interior design
  • want your salon to be a peaceful, welcoming place

Scandinavian may not be the best choice if you:

  • are more of a “creative chaos” kind of person
  • you struggle with keeping things minimalistic
  • prefer a more energetic, lively atmosphere in your interior
  • usually go for a more bold type of design

How can you make your salon interior look Scandinavian on a budget?

Scandinavian interior design is all about making wise purchases - it’s about quality, not quantity. Furniture made from good-quality materials, such as solid wood, can be very expensive, which is yet another argument for keeping things minimalistic!

  • Scandinavian chic works fantastic with all-white walls. If you are not particularly keen on going so bright, consider a soft shade of grey or pastel green, that will go perfectly with the eco theme of your hair salon decor.
  • Visit your local IKEA. The style of furniture and decor they deliver is very much what you are looking for, but they won’t break the bank!
  • Get rid of any unnecessary clutter and keep decorations to an absolute minimum. Forget about any knick-knacks! Going for plants in patterned pots only is a great idea. You can also invest in a designer sculpture or a lamp.

Rustic hair salon interior design

To be honest, “rustic”, when used to describe a style of design, is a very broad term. Striped down to its philosophy, it’s all about embracing the aesthetics of things, organic and natural. Depending on the exact direction you choose, you want your interior to resemble a forest lodge, a countryside cottage or a tiny coastal one. The flexibility of this style allows you to either go for very soft, relaxing vibes of a peaceful seaside, or for the dark and mysterious atmosphere of a cabin in the middle of the taiga. Rustic hair salon interior design

What are the characteristics of this style?

First and foremost, forget about plastic, polished wood, synthetic fabrics and bright, “artificial” colours. While Scandinavian approved of a modern-style decor in contrast colouring here and there, rustic goes for organic exclusively. If you go for wood, go for wide plank flooring, beams to “support” the ceiling and massive furniture made from alder, hickory or pine. If you want some metal elements, make sure they’re wrought iron. If you are keen on stone, avoid everything sleek and regular. Rustic favours rawness, stability and rough elegance.

Is this a good interior design style for your salon?

Rustic can be a great option if you:

  • want your salon to look stylish, but are not a fan of modern-looking designs
  • like interiors that are bold but very cosy at the same time
  • are fond of things that look (or genuinely are) vintage
  • are all about that “natural” aesthetic, as it fits the eco-friendly values of your business
  • find minimalistic looks cold or even slightly depressing
  • want your interior design to be a vital part of your branding
  • want to stand out from the crowd

Rustic may not be the best choice if you:

  • are not willing to commit fully to the theme (with rustic it’s “go big or go home”)
  • prefer modern-looking furniture and avant-garde decor
  • have a very humble budget
  • are prone to cluttering (the rustic design can encourage overpacking interior with things)

How can you make your salon interior look rustic on a budget?

“Rustic” and “on a budget” are hard to set together. The furniture characteristic for this style (heavy, solid, made of natural materials) is usually rather pricey. It’s best to follow the Scandinavian example and go for 1-2 statement pieces - then you can “fill the gaps” with decor.

  • Remember that rustic is a very broad design style - you don’t have to go for the stereotypical “highlander cottage” look. A “beach house” look, with lots of light wood and flowing curtains, will be just as stylish.
  • Look for inspiration in local antique markets. The rustic design loves genuine vintage furniture!
  • Hand-crafted decorations really fit the rustic aesthetic, which is great news for anyone who likes manual crafts. And the Internet is full of great rustic DIY project ideas!

Small interiors can be incredibly charming if designed in the right way. However, you need to keep in mind that it’s not only the salon’s visual organisation but mainly the way you manage it that makes it either orderly or chaotic. Even the sleekest look won’t make up for management mistakes - getting lost in your appointment records or double booking will make you look messy, regardless of your hickory flooring and upscale sconces. This is why it’s not only important to invest in hair salon interior design, but also the right software. Thanks to a proper management system, you will be able to have full control over your hair business - from a foolproof appointment book to precise performance statistics. Learn more about the best software for hair salons and take care of your business, inside and out!

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