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Spa business management made easy!


Spa business management made easy!

Are you thinking about opening your own spa? Maybe you are already in the process of launching a business? Or maybe you have been running it for quite some time now, but are looking for ways of making the management part way easier? If so, you should definitely keep reading. It’s a fact that managing a spa can get really difficult - scheduling visits require controlling three different factors: the availability of staff members specialised in given services, proper equipment and the required room. It’s super easy to get lost, especially as clients cancel and reschedule their appointments all the time. And there is nothing worse than arriving for your pampering session, only to find out that the spa crew got lost in their records and although the specialist is awaiting, the hydromassage bed won’t be free for the next hour and a half. Situations like that are the fastest and most effective way to lose customers and strain your reputation for good. Is there a way to make the management process not only easier but also foolproof?

Can you take care of spa management online?

The magical world of the Internet offers you countless tools that are supposed to help with this delicate task. You can find multiple spa management apps, varying from simple online calendars to pretty advanced scheduling tools. Many of them are free… or, to be more precise, seemingly free. What’s the matter with them and why should you be wary when looking into such offers?

  • There is no such thing as truly free spa management software You are a business person, you know the drill - if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Dropping “free” in the description of a tool or service is a great way to ensure interest, but in most cases, there is a catch.
  • There are usually hidden fees… Oftentimes, the seemingly free applications do not require paying for the system itself… but take a commission for using certain features. Sometimes, the app is free to use for a limited time and then gradually starts introducing micropayments. Maybe it has even happened to you already - software that promised to be free forever suddenly introduced a “premium” paid version… that basically contains all the most important features, while the free version becomes unusable. And the commission makes things surprisingly pricey!
  • ...or development and maintenance issues. Developing functional spa management software requires a big team of specialists and a remarkable budget. Moreover, software is not something you can create and then just let it be - it needs constant maintenance. Not to even mention, systems should always have a customer service team you can contact whenever you experience any difficulties. Teams that develop free applications are oftentimes unable to meet these standards. You know it from experience - without steady profit, you simply cannot keep providing quality services!
  • No profit = no budget = no maintenance = no security Do you know which area suffers the most when the software provider has no budget? Besides the aforementioned customer service, it’s definitely the security. Systems that lack maintenance become unstable and prone to bugs and leaks. Now, remember that you enter your clients’ data into these systems. You risk a lot - if a leak happens, it’s you who takes legal responsibility!
  • Shameful practices Finally, some shady software providers actually sell the data their clients collect to make a profit. It’s a crime that is, unfortunately, more common than you think - and also very hard to notice and prove.

What are the best spa management softwares out there?

Now you may be asking: “So, how do I manage my spa with software then?” The answer lies in more reliable solutions - instead of using a few smaller applications for different areas of your business (appointment scheduling, online booking, marketing, etc.), invest in a solid, advanced software that takes care of everything - and one that you can trust with your sensitive data. The best spa software available on the market is Booksy - why?

Online booking + appointment reminders

The online booking feature allows your clients to make their appointments wherever and whenever they want. What does it mean for you? Boosted customer satisfaction, less honest mistakes with dates and hours and no calls in the middle of the night! Additionally, there are automatic appointment reminders that your customers will get before every visit. They help to reduce no-shows by up to 70% - now, how about that?

Provide a unique experience with an advanced customer database

Your new favourite spa system will allow you to safely and conveniently store information on your clients, such as their preferences, digital consent forms and full appointment history. Thanks to this, you will be able to customise each treatment and boost sales by offering hand-picked retail products that reflect the client’s previous choices. You can also easily manage sales of gift cards, service packages and memberships!

Manage your staff, room and equipment

Forget about the awkward situations in which the client had to wait for the massage bed or manicure chair due to overlapping bookings. Booksy offers a feature dedicated to equipment and room availability that will make managing different areas of your spa a breeze. Moreover, Booksy provides a number of functionalities dedicated to managing your employees as well - including creating clear work schedules!

Control the inventory

The system also monitors stock levels and tracks your sales, as well as backbar product consumption. You can track which products are the most popular and make sure you'll never be left without vital resources ever again. Booksy will even let you send an order to your supplier straight through the system!

Run your promotions

Booksy allows you to run promotions such as happy hours, flash sales and last-minute discounts to help you promote your services and make the most of your appointment book! And bulk messaging is there for you to make sure every customer knows about your special offers.

These are just a few of many other fantastic features Booksy delivers. The best part? You can test-drive the system with no obligations, no hidden fees and no credit card required. See for yourself how much easier (and safer!) managing a spa can be with Booksy.

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