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  • The Beauty House

    1541 m 62 Mary Street, DN15 6NW, Scunthorpe

    Aromatherapy acupressure massage

    Aromatherapy massage uses a cocktail of highly concentrated plant oils & Chinese acupressure points to energise the body, enhance cell renewal and aid the body's natural healing process which will work wonders for your body & mind.. These oils are inhaled at the beginning of the treatment, combined with breathing techniques and methods to declutter the mind and ease you into relaxation so you can thoroughly enjoy the treatment. Benefits of aromatherapy massage: Stress reducing, anxiety relieve, increase calmness and relaxation, decrease muscle tension, pain relief from various medical conditions, reduction in symptoms of depression.
    Back,neck shoulder, scalp & arms
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    Aromatherapy abdominal massage

    (using a SOS stomach balm for antiinflamotary purposes, helps to get things moving in the digestive tract & calm bloating)

    Free Colour Consultation/Patch Test - Hair


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