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  • Oasis hair and beauty

    1490 m 119-121, Doddington Road, NN8 2LW, Wellingborough

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    Why Use Tanita Body Composition Analyzer ??? 1. Tanita as the only manufacturer with the Gold Standard in the field of body composition analysis😁 2. The analyzer allows to obtain better treatment results by selecting an appropriate method of work😁 Who cannot use the analyzer? 1. People with a pacemaker 2. Pregnant women How does the analyzer work? An imperceptible current flows through which the measurement takes place. Which parameters must be entered on the analyzer? The most important: 1. Age 2. Gender 3. Growth What measurements do we get? 1. Weight 2. Fat 3. Basic metabolism 4. Metabolic age 5. Visceral tissue And others😊 How to read the measurements? Fat - women 45-60, men 50-65% Fat - women age 20-39 21-31%, 40-59 24-34%, men 20-39 7-20%, 40-59 11-22% Visceral tissue - deep in the abdominal region, normal 1-12, the lower the better Water - women 45-60%, men 50-65% 😘😘😘

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    Buy any 5 massages get 1 presotherapy free

  • The Village Beauty

    13.0 mi 39 High Street, NN17 1UU, Corby

    Icoone Base+4 Focus 60 Min - 5 TREATMENTS

    The first stage is a 20-minute lymphatic drainage of the whole body, which instantly improves the condition of the skin. The second is a 10-minute so-called "Focus" or target treatment focused on a specific problem (modeling, slimming, firming). In one treatment, we can perform a massage on as many as four problem zones. The duration of the treatment is 30 to 60 minutes and depends on the number of selected focuses.
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