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Hair braiding in Sheffield

Whether you are looking to grow your afro hair or want a fancy hairdo, braids are the best hairstyles. Braiding is quite popular in Sheffield, and you can find many hair braiding specialists. You can choose from simple styles to complex braids that require waving and interlacing hair strands to create a unique hairstyle. Each hair braiding specialist provides specific braiding styles, and Booksy can help you find the ideal hairdresser.

Book a Hair Braiding Appointment Online in Sheffield

If you want to transform your look with braids, find a hair braiding expert that will skilfully create the desired style. With hundreds of talented hairdressers in Sheffield, choosing a beauty salon to book your appointment can be confusing. Luckily, Booksy can help you navigate the hairstylists available in the city and pick the best specialists for your hairdo. Once you have a handful of salons, you can read the testimonials to pick the best hairdressers and book an appointment.

Not Sure What a Hair Braiding Specialist Does?

Hair braids are fashionable hairstyles that never go out of style. Besides, they are versatile, and you can wear them to any formal or casual events. Whether your braids are simple plaits or intricate patterns, they can reduce hair breakage and promote hair growth. Braiding also nourishes your hair by locking in moisture.

If you are not sure what braids to try out, some of the popular braided hairstyles to watch out for are box braid, French braid, Dutch braid, lemonade and crotchet braids. Box braid is one of the most iconic braid styles for afro-textured hair. The hairdresser starts by sectioning your hair into squares and uses hair extensions to create individual plaits. It is a low-maintenance style with various options for length and thickness.

Braided ponytail style draws your eyes up, highlighting your facial features. It is also the perfect style for both office wear and casual date nights. Also, it allows you to add hair accessories. If you love extra-long locks, crotchet braids are perfect. The hairdresser braids your hair into loose cornrows before threading in hair extensions and plaiting them neatly.

How to Choose the Best Hair Braiding Specialists in Sheffield

With numerous hair salons across the city, determining the best hairdressers is difficult. However, the Booksy booking platform makes it easier to find good salons. After you decide the type of braids you would like, search for hair salons that specialise in those styles. The search engine provides various hairdressers to choose from, and you can use ratings or customer reviews to eliminate various salons until you find the perfect match. Apart from using our website, the Booksy app can also help you narrow down your search faster and save your favourite hairdressers for future bookings.

How Much Does Hair Braiding Cost?

The cost of hair braiding in Sheffield depends on the braiding style and the hairdresser. Some braiding styles are simple and will take a few minutes, while some take hours to plait. For instance, box braids and crotchets take longer than Dutch and French braids, which take a few minutes. Some hairdressers also charge on an hourly basis, varying the prices depending on the duration. High-end salons are also expensive, and even simple braids can cost more than the average prices. You should compare prices from various salons on Booksy by checking the cost of braiding services from various merchants.

How to Find Hair Braiding Specialists Open Now

Instead of opening individual merchant pages to check the business hours of various salons, use the Booksy search engine to find the available salons. Once you fill in your preferred appointment time, the search engine will display a list of hair braiding specialists available.

Cheap Hair Braiding Specialist in Sheffield

Looking for cheap hair braiding services in Sheffield can help you save money on stylish hairstyles. Booksy helps you find affordable hair braiding services within your area using a search engine. You can include your price range in the search query, and the results will feature services within your budget.

Hair Braiding Specialist Near You

You can use our search engine to find a hair braiding specialist near you. When you enable location on your device, we will display specialists that offer braids nearby. You can also utilise the map view to narrow down your search