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  • Rebel Rebel Fitness & Treatments

    2.6 mi Rebel Rebel, 27-29 Mountney Bridge business park, Eastbourne Road, BN24 5NJ, Eastbourne


    An alternative therapy of suction increasing blood flow to localised areas which may help to heal and release muscle tension. *** Please note that this treatment will most likely leave markings on the skin that can last around 14 days.
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    No sweat introduction

    A 15 minutes appointment to meet a member of the Rebel crew to give you a personal tour of our private space. You will have the opportunity to ask some questions, talk to the team and get some advise on which services and/or coach/therapist would work well with you. We look forward to welcoming you into Rebel Rebel.

    Deep Tissue Massage

    This is our most popular massage treatment as is is adaptable to everyone. From sports people to desk workers, wether you're suffering from chronic pain, sports related issues or want to erase tension from the muscles this is the massage for you. We tailor this treatment to your needs. Working in the deep layers of the muscle using slow penetrative movements along the muscles makes this the perfect way to release any issues within the muscles. Maintain your body the Rebel way.
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  • BW.Collective

    18.6 mi 11 Sydney street, BN1 4EN, Brighton

    Nail Rehab - Session 1

    Nail Rehab with @bw.nails will help anyone with extremely short,dry, or bitten nails grow healthy and long. If you have always struggled to grow your natural nails then this is the service for you! Nail rehab is a dedicated few sessions with a lot of information, help and instructons to help get your nails as healthy or as long as you want! You get a discounted bottle of @bw.nails natural cuticle oil with this order as part of your home instructions to help keep your gels on for longer and aid your nail growth. Gel Polish Builder gel method (BIAB By The Gel Bottle Inc) to help the nails feel stronger and grow longer. We recommend keeping the first session just BIAB so the set is stronger as it would be two layers of BIAB but you can have a plain colour (this would only mean one layer of biab so not as strong first session round) This service is for one session and a free bottle of oil, I recommend what to book next during your first appointment with me!

    Gel Polish with builder gel (Plain colour)

    Gel Polish is @BW.Nails signature Builder gel method (BIAB By The Gel Bottle Inc) to help the nails feel stronger and grow longer and a plain colour of your choice.

    Gel Polish with Builder Gel & Nail Art - Tier 1

    Tier 1 Nail Art - Simple French, dotting, very simple lines and designs. With signature Builder gel as base. DM to confirm your art design is the right tier as each tier depends on timings.
    1h 15min