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Hairdressers in Lurgan, Northern Ireland

Lurgan has numerous hair salons within the town, offering several hair care services. The options allow the customer to choose their preferred service based on proximity, cost and hairdressing style. lists all hairs salons in Lurgan, the service list and the cost for each service. Book Hairdresser’s Appointment Online in Lurgan Owing to the increased demand and prior planning, there is a hairdressing appointment service on The aim is to create time for each customer and manage customer experience. has a central customer service management system that helps customer book their hair salon appointment in advance. All you have to do is search for hairdressers near you, settle on one and book the appointment. The hairdresser will go through their account on, accept the appointment and prepare for the session. When you come in, go straight to the hairdresser and have your hair done. However, you must agree to the service terms such as cost, time frame and process. lists all hairdressers in Lurgan while customers rank them based on their services. The ranking gives you the top rated hairdressers near you from which you can select and book an appointment. You can use your mobile browser, mobile application or computer webpage to book. However, you must sign in and create an account to complete the booking process. Not Sure What a Hairdresser Does? Hairdressing is the cutting or styling of a client’s hair to suit their preference. It is a precision art that involves specific hair designs. You can decide to trim the hair to a certain height, clean and add hair foods. If you do not have a specific style in mind, they can also advise you based on your hair texture, skin tone and shape of your head/face. They can also recommend hair products based on hairstyle and hair texture. A qualified hairdresser must also understand basic trichology and the chemical composition of hair foods. With such knowledge, they can advise you on what to use and its intensity. Any top rated hair salon in Lurgan has qualified hairdressers. How to Choose the Best Hairdresser in Lurgan? thrives on customer feedback which helps the system rank hair salons. The salon with the highest rank appears top of the list. However, the age of the salon, customers served over time and proximity to you also form part of the criteria. Choose the best hair salon nearby based on all the factors. Fortunately, most hairs salons in Lurgan pass these criteria, which makes it easy to settle on one. The system prompts all customers who booked or used the system to locate a hairdresser to leave a comment and rate the service. In essence, choosing the best hairdresser involves proximity to you, good ratings from other customers, several customer feedback and the age of the hair salon. How much does Hairdressering Cost? Different hairstyles have different costs, depending on operation costs. A good number of hair salons offer discounts to lure customers to their shops. When sourcing for a hairdresser, consider comparing the service, cost and complimentary service. There is no fixed charge for a hairdo. However, most salons go with demand and supply to cost their services. A normal haircut in Lurgan costs between £10.00 and £20 depending on location. However, women haircuts are relatively expensive, averaging at £25. Blow-dry range between £30 and £45, while hair wash averages at £30. Other basic hair trims such as beard shaving, patch test, clipper shaving and scissors smoothening do not go beyond £15. Cutting-edge hairdressing services such as bridal make-up packages and Brazilian treatment cost at least £150. You can choose what is within your budget range. For a clearer cost chart, scroll to the hairdressers in the Lurgan page and select the salon that offers your preferred hairstyle at an affordable rate. How do you find a hairdresser open now? When hair salons sign up on, they have to indicate their operation timelines. They also align their appointment system to reflect their active hours. Therefore, when you log into the platform, all open hairdressers near you will show. Alternatively, you can go to any hair salon near you and look into their working hours. If they are closed, booking an appointment will not go through until the hair salons are back on. In normal circumstances, hairs salons in Lurgan open between 8:00hrs and 18:00hrs during weekdays. Some might go up to 20:00hrs, depending on demand. On weekends, they run from 9:00hrs to 16:00hrs. However, the timelines might change depending on the demand. Cheap Hairdresser in Lurgan Getting cheap services depends on what you need. Most hairdressing services have a working range, based on their sophistication and experience. However, some hairdressers in Lurgan offer competitive prices for their services. To get them, go to and single out the charges portal. Sieve them based on the hairdressing service and how much they charge. Ensure that the selection is from the lowest to the highest. Hair salons with the lowest charge for the service will be up first. Select from the list provided if the salons offer the service you want. Zero down to the salon with the best services and charges a commensurate price. Hairdresser near You Just like the cost, sort out the hair salons based on distance. Let the mapping system on identify where you are. It will triangulate and give you all the hairdressing outlets near you. The system shows the exact mileage between wherever you are and the shop. Select the salon that offers the service you need at the right price and either walk there or book an appointment.