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  • Monroes Hair, Beauty & Barbering

    1.8 mi Barcombe Road, 48, BN1 9JQ, Brighton

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  • Brighton Beauty Bar

    1027 m 39C Sydney Street, BN1 4EP, Brighton


    Feather Touch Unlike the harsh block brow tattooing, Feather Touch Tattoo looks completely natural because it is designed to look like real brow hair and is individual hairstrokes, it can be individually customised, it is another name for Microblading. Depending on your needs, brows can be subtly filled in or completely re shaped and changed. Unlike a normal tattoo, Feathertouch uses pigment, not tattoo ink. It can therefore be customised to suit skin tone and hair colour, and isn’t permanent. This is ideal, as styles and personal preferences change, allowing you to evolve your brows over time. Depending on your skin type and how it holds the pigment, as well as how closely you follow your Post-care instructions, The Feather Touch Brow Tattoo can last 18-24 months. When you've tried every pencil, powder, pigment, expert eyebrow kit and your brows are still sparse or the shape just doesn't look right, microblading/brow blading is a natural looking semi-permanent make-up solution. Microblading is a form of micro eyebrow tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine. Your Expert Beautician will make small hair-like strokes that mimic a natural eyebrow, and after two sessions, you'll have beautiful, full and shaped microbladed eyebrows.

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  • Indulge Beauty

    17.6 mi 30, Rodmill Drive, BN21 2SP, Eastbourne, England



    Lash Tint

    Patch test required for ALL new clients. Please ensure you book this free service min 24 hours before your service.

    Lash Lift and Tint

    This is an excellent treatment that enhances your natural lashes. They are permed to make them look longer and tinted to make them look thicker and brighter. Patch test required for ALL new clients. Please ensure you book this free service min 24 hours before your service.
  • ES Cosmetic Studio

    11.8 mi 36 Chyngton Gardens, BN25 3RS, Seaford


    Microblading is fine hairstrokes bladed through the brow for a soft natural look!

    Combination brows ( microblading and shading)

    Microblading with soft or bold shading, recommended for thoose that find microblading isnt quite enough for them, or for people wanting a microbladed look but have less natural brow hair, shading can be combined with microblading to create a 3d look or to seamlessly blend natural hair with bladed areas !

    Free consultation

    Free consultation, reccomended for thoose with lots of questions or thoose wanting to discuss all the options before booking. The treatment can be booked in at the consultation but will not be completed on the same day! This is optional as another pre service consultation is always carried out on the day of treatment.