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Kingston upon Hull, England

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  • Nails by Žaneta

    2.6 mi 16 Norton Grove, Nails By Žaneta, HU4 6HQ, Hull

    Gel polish / Gelinis lakavimas


    Pedicure / Kojų pedikiūras


    Extension / Priauginimas

    2h 30min
  • Lee Chinese Style Therapy Ltd

    6.6 mi colonial house, Swinemoor lane, HU17 0LS, Beverley


    The initial assessment involves reviewing the medical form submitted, diagnosing and scheduling treatment plans. Undertaking the first treatment. The final part of the session we discuss how to self help the process.
    Save up to 50%
    £60.00 £30.00

    Head Massage

    This relaxing massage is done without oils using the principles of Tui Na massage where pressure is applied to the face, head and neck area. The pressure releases tension within the facial muscles and is great for treating headaches, stiffness in the jaw, migraines, insomnia, anxiety and fatigue.
    Save up to 10%
    £45.00 £40.50

    Tui Na Massage

    Tui Na is both a form of physical bodywork and a subtle energy medicine. As a physical therapy it excels at releasing the channel sinews, and facilitating the movement of joints. By opening, releasing and balancing the channel sinews, Tui Na is able to treat muscular skeletal problems, and also ailments that may be caused by emotional and postural holding. These patterns usually have become an unconscious act and locked into the body’s protective connective tissue armour. Tui Na is used instead of acupuncture when needles are uncomfortable or inappropriate, such as in pediatric applications. Using a range of internal and external massage techniques, according to the Yin and Yang principles and to use them for all illnesses. Taoist Massage can clear the meridian system, stimulate or sedate the circulation of energy and blood, loosen off stiff joints, aid the nervous system, increase body resistance to disease, and benefit all the organs of the body.
    Save up to 10%
    £45.00 £40.50
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