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  • Snatch & Glow

    5.9 mi 27 Hercules Street, N7 6AT, London, London

    Bunny Lines/ Downward Smile

    'Bunny Lines' refers to the creases on the nose when smiling/laughing, this treatment softens these lines to give a less harsh smile. 'Downward Smile' refers to b*tox being placed in the corners of the mouth to help create a 'happier' resting face; resolving a downturned smile. Takes 7-14 days to take full effect. Top up available after 14 days

    Brow Lift / Lip Flip

    'Brow Lift' refers to the muscles around the brow being carefully relaxed to give a lifted and raised appearance to the brows. This will be a subtle but noticeable change; and is a less invasive option than 'Fox Eye' threads available below. 'Lip Flip' refers to muscles in the lip being gently relaxed to slightly raise/drop the lip and is a subtle and natural alternative to lip augmentation with dermal filler; or can be used as a complimenting treatment. This treatment is also beneficial to those who have a 'gummy' smile or overactive top lip that they find over expressive- this treatment will drop the lip slightly over the gums to create a more desirable smile. Takes 7 to 14 days to take full effect, review available on 14th day.

    Chin Pebbling/ Chin Dimples

    This treatment is for those who have dimples and depressions on their chin in some angles, and wish to soften them. Takes 7-14 days to take full effect. Top up available after 14 days
  • Chloe’s Uk

    5.0 mi High Street, Cheshunt centre Chloe’s uk, EN8 0AQ, Waltham Cross

    Anti Wrinkle By Chloe 1 Area


    Anti Wrinkle By Chloe 2 Area


    Anti Wrinkle By Chloe 3 Area

  • Five Star Studioz

    4.3 mi 129 crossbrook st, Cheshunt, EN8 8LY, Waltham Cross


    Extra time for perfection. Cut throat shape up, eyebrows, styling, enhancement, cologne.
    1h 30min

    Fade & Beard


    Skin Fade

  • Mobile service

    Serenity Aesthetics Clinic & Academy

    13.7 mi 53, Peabody hill, SE21 8JZ, London, London

    Full Body 6 Sessions

    This offer is 50% off our original pricing using the latest technology of laser diode suitable for all skin types and colours. Valid through January Only.

    Collagen Facial | Full Facial Sculpt

    Skin tightening using radio frequency technology. Boosting collagen leaving the skin noticeably healthier with a youthful glow and Improved signs of elasticity.


    Cost of the consultation is deducted from your treatment, let us know what your expectations are from having a treatment and we can create the best plan for your body goals.
  • Mobile service

    Fademaster Rilz

    9.5 mi 425 BARKING ROAD, LAKABO BARBER SHOP, E6 2JX, London, London


    Faded To Perfection To The Highest Standard With The Sharpest Shape-Up You Will Ever Have
    Save up to 50%
    £30.00 £15.00


    Perfect Fade Alongside A Perfect Beard Line-Up!
    Save up to 50%
    £40.00 £20.00


    Haircut & Beard, Facial Scrub & Steamer! For Black Mask +£5
    Save up to 50%
    £55.00 £27.50
    1h 20min

    7.1 mi Hackney, E8 3FW, London, London

    Quick Video consultation

    Thanks for choosing us! We do not offer our video consultations on Friday’s Saturdays and Sundays or during our working hours therefore your consultation will be moved to the next available Monday at 8:30pm. A zoom video call will be arranged and sent to you 1 day before your appointment.

    In Person Consultation

    An opportunity to have a detailed focus and discussion about your specific hair needs, as well as a Luxury Shampoo/Conditioner/Quick Blow-dry
    1h 45min

    SILK PRESS (New/1st Time with Jennifer)

    Choose this option if Jennifer has never done your hair before. Luxury Shampoo and deep conditioning done on your own hair, with Silk Styling to finish. Trim/Cut/treatment included* For this service arrive with your hair fully detangled, or book a take down /detangling service add on. We do not use any chemicals for this process. Your hair will return to its natural state in the presence of humidity and water. During silk press process, your hair will be round brush blowdried. Your hair may need a trim/cut/treatment for you to really see the best results. Please note if you have type 4 hair your hair may take longer, denser/lengthier hair may in-cure an additional thickness charge. If you have any doubts about your hair, you can send pictures of your natural hair with the date and time of your appointment to our WhatsApp number +447429849195, if we think your hair will not be suitable for a silk press, we will ring you to discuss other options. Please read full terms and conditions
    Save up to 25%
    £260.00+ £195.00+
  • Blur.ace

    9.1 mi 141 WOODLANDS ROAD, IG1 1JR, Ilford, Ilford

    Haircut/Hair & Beard (by blur)

     enhancement included optional
    1h 30min

    Kids 14 & under by staff

    Enhancement optional

    Haircut (by staff)

    This is service given by one of the Blurace staff. (Enhancement included which is optional)

    10.0 mi Barking, IG11 9DJ, London, England, Barking

    F R E E / C A R - P A R K I N G

    NO NEED TO BOOK THIS SERVICE IT IS ALREADY INCLUDED. Have the chance to ENJOY a beautiful haircut without being worried or distressed of paying for car parking. Here only at MONACO BARBER SHOP.


    The magical process of making straight hair to curly hair.⚡❤⚡. This service is only (PERM) which includes: [multiple washes, styling & blow dry with technical finishing perm products.] Other services are separate. CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION.


    This is a full haircut: sides & top hair. [LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH & TAPER] FADES. All of our haircut services include [styling & blow dry] with technical finishing hair products. We (OPEN 9am) and (CLOSE 8pm) last slot we give (7.20pm). After 8pm prices are different, pls book on the "AFTER CLOSING HOURS" section.
  • Jade nails

    11.0 mi 79 camberwell road, SE5 0EZ, London, London

    Uñas acrílicas + gel

    1h 30min

    Pintura en gel


    Pedicure normal

    1h 15min
  • Maya asthetik

    10.8 mi 5 Cheniston gardens, Flat 5 ,, W8 6TG, London, London

    Lips 1.1ML Namari / Russian lips/

    Save up to 50%
    £180.00 £90.00

    Lips 1,5ml Namari / Russian lips

    Save up to 50%
    £250.00 £125.00

    Lips 2ml Namari/ Russian lips

    Save up to 50%
    £300.00 £150.00

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