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Seaford, England

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  • Luscious Aesthetics Limited

    7.5 mi 20 South Street, BN21 4XF, Eastbourne


    vitamin b-12 & C injection and a microneedling facial (followed by Sunekos 2 weeks later) (RRP£300)



    Skinny pen

  • Alice McNails

    7.7 mi 3 Kilburn Terrace, Junction Road, BN21 3QY, Eastbourne, England

    Gel Extensions & Colour

    Apres Gel X is a new soak off gel extension system. It is thin and natural looking yet strong and lasts up to 4 weeks. When you book your next appointment make sure to also book a removal (which is in the menu below this) This service also includes your choice of gel polish colour.

    Gel Removal !!Please book If getting a new set!!

    Book this if you are also booking a new set of Gel-X and require your old set removed. Gel-X can not be infilled so requires a soak off and new set every time.

    Gel Extensions & Glitter

    Choose from over 100 different amazing loose glitters from Magpie Beauty.
    1h 20min
  • Traveling service

    El Barba Roja Barbershop

    7.5 mi 16 West Street, Rottingdean, BN2 7HP, Brighton

    Standard Haircut

    Grades on the side, scissors on the top.

    Lucky Dip

    Don't know what you want? Trust Thy Barber. I will take the reigns and give you a haircut which compliments your features. I have many success stories from clients saying "Do what you thinks best". Are you feeling lucky, Punk?


  • BW.Collective

    11.3 mi 11 Sydney street, BN1 4EN, Brighton

    Nail Rehab - Session 1 with BIAB

    Nail Rehab with @bw.nails will help anyone with extremely short, dry, or bitten nails grow healthy and long. If you have always struggled to grow your natural nails then this is the service for you! Nail Rehab is a dedicated few sessions with a lot of information, help and instructons to help get your nails as healthy or as long as you want! You get a discounted bottle of @bw.nails natural cuticle oil with this order as part of your home instructions to help keep your gels on for longer and aid your nail growth. Gel Polish Builder gel method (BIAB by The Gel Bottle Inc) to help the nails feel stronger and grow longer. We recommend keeping the first session just BIAB so the set is stronger as it would be two layers of BIAB but you can have a plain colour (this would only mean one layer of biab so not as strong first session round) This service is for one session and a bottle of cuticle oil, we will recommend what to book next during your first appointment with me!

    Gel Polish with Builder Gel Plain Colour

    A set of BIAB overlay built over the natural nail, allowing it to grow to the length you would have extensions. If you are returning for gel polish infills please book this service, not for extensions infill. This is infilled and would only need to be removed if lifting occurs. Gel Polish Builder gel method includes gel polish or can be left nude. Please book extra time for nail art, there is an add on.

    Simple Gel Mani

    Niamh’s Gel manicure includes cuticle work, filing and shaping with The Gel Bottle gel polish colour of your choice. Please book extra time for nail art, there is an add on.
  • Rehab Hair And Beauty Room LTD

    15.9 mi 5 Collington Mansions, Collington Avenue, TN39 3PU, Bexhill-On-Sea, England

    Wash Condition, Cut and Blowdry

    Wash cut and condition using L’Oréal professional hair care range


    1h 10min

    Shampoo & Cut

    Shampoo condition and cut with no Blowdry
  • Edit Hair & Beauty

    13.3 mi 5 goldstone close, BN3 7PD, Hove

    Weave re-fit

    Option 1
    Option 2

    HD Brows

    Patch Test Required On ALL New Clients 48hrs Before Service

    Henna Brows

    Patch Test Required On ALL New Clients 48hrs Before Service
  • JN cosmetic academy Ltd

    7.5 mi 20 South Street, BN21 4XF, Eastbourne



    Tattoo brows


    Tattoo eye liner

  • Inception Nails & Beauty

    16.5 mi 5 Parkhurst Road, TN40 1DF, Bexhill on Sea

    File and polish

    3 types of File and polish to choose from. Rimmel (non gel) £10 Gel £15 Gel with added strength £20
    File and polish Rimmel (non gel)
    File and gel polish
    1h 30min
    File and gel polish with added strength

    French, designs, cats eye

    French, design, cats eye - full set
    French, design, cats eye - per nail

    Gel polish removal

  • Beauty by Carly

    15.0 mi 39 Cooden Sea Road, TN39 4SJ, Bexhill on Sea

    Eyelash Extensions Classics

    Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions. Cash or bank transfer.
    Save up to 10%
    £40.00 £36.00

    Eyelash Extensions Hybrids

    Hybrid Individual Eyelash Extensions. A mix or classics and fans for more volume. Cash or bank transfer.
    Save up to 10%
    £55.00 £49.50
    2h 30min

    Eyelash Extensions Russian Volume

    Russian Volume Individual Eyelash Extensions. Fans applied to each natural Eyelash for volume. Cash or bank transfer.
    Save up to 10%
    £65.00 £58.50
    2h 30min