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    755 m Leith Avenue, 53, Portchester, PO16 8HN, Fareham

    Reflexology (Hand) 🀲🏼

    Enjoy all of the benefits of Reflexology but from your hands not your feet!

    Reflexology for Menopause

    A personalised bespoke treatment including reflexology of the face, hands & feet! Enjoy 90minutes of relaxation with a facial cleanse and hot towel. Followed by facial elixir & specific facial points to aid the body with menopausal symptoms. Then have a hot towel over each hand and some hand reflexology focusing on the same points. Followed by hot towels on the feet and continuing the routine in the third area. This tri fold approach gives maximum stimulation to the reflexology points to give the most support to your body & reduce symptoms. Individual treatments available or for maximum effect a 12 session treatment plan can be made.
    1h 30min

    Reflexology (Foot) πŸ‘£

    Heal yourself from the inside whilst enjoying an hour of foot reflexology points and massage. If this is your first treatment please complete an online consultation form before your appointment (Link on my app here: Thankyou! X

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