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People respect each other more when they look presentable. By being presentable, we mean well-combed hair, sufficient use of make-up, well-waxed eyebrows, and so on. These are services you can get from Durham beauty salons. If you want to achieve such a presentable look, you will need to visit beauty salons near you. To be specific, we will focus on beauty salons in Durham. Durham is a vast city, so looking for a beauty salon from door to door is exhausting. It is especially challenging if you are visiting Durham. Also, it is costly due to the transport fees used. This article will show you an easier way of getting a good beautician nearby in Durham. Book an appointment online with a beautician in Durham With the rise of the internet, more beauticians are marketing their services online. Additionally, some of them are registered with freelance platforms such as Booksy. Booksy is a website that connects beauticians with potential clients. Here is a link to the digital platform so that you may see other services available: Using Booksy is a straightforward process. All you need to do is to identify what kind of service you want from a beautician, for instance, eyelash services, hairdressing services and so on. After choosing a service, you will then make your online payment and set the appointment date. Booksy is also available as an app for both Android and Apple smartphones. The process of booking an appointment is similar to its website counterpart. Apps are convenient for most people since very few people own computers. Clients need to be wary that there are two versions of this website's app; Booksy for clients and Booksy Biz for businesses. Not sure what a beautician does? A beautician is a professional who is very diverse since they handle your skin care, hair, nail and makeup. If you wish to enlist the help of a beautician, then it is important to understand their roles below: • Selling beauty products from various categories such as skin care, decorative cosmetics, oral care, and hair care and so on. • Applying makeup and recommending to you some of the skin care therapies that you could try out. • Sterilizing their tools to avoid infecting their clients. • Performing pedicures, manicures and nail arts. • Performing hair removal treatments such as electrolysis and waxing. • Hair treatment techniques like cutting, styling, shampooing and dyeing. How to choose the best beautician in Durham After you have identified the kind of body treatment you want, you decide it is time to hire a beautician. However, you may be wondering how to identify the best beautician in Durham. Reading customer reviews are a sure way of finding a good beautician. User reviews can be read from Booksy. First, you will need to key in terms such as, "Durham," in the search section so that Booksy only displays beauticians or salons in Durham. After the list of beauticians is displayed, you will then decide on a beautician of your choice. Once you pick a beautician, scroll downwards and you will find user reviews. You can expect users to highlight the pros and cons of working with a certain beautician. Also, some users will recommend beauticians they consider the best. How much might a beautician in Durham charge? A beautician offers a myriad of services. We will pick on each kind of body routine and use, "House of Gentlemen," as our example. Here is a price list of their services below: • Razor shave- 29.95  • Nose wax- 3  • Eyebrow waxing- 5  • Skin Fade- 23.95  • Gentleman's Package- 55  • Ear candling- 10  How to get the opening hours of a beautician's salon Most beauticians are entrepreneurs who set their preferred operating schedules. To get a gist of the time they are open, we will still refer to the House of Gentlemen's schedule below: • Sunday- 11.00am-4.00pm • Monday- 9.00am-6.30pm • Tuesday- 9.00am-6.30pm • Wednesday- 9.00am-6.30pm • Thursday- 9.00am-6.30pm • Friday- 9.00am-6.30pm • Saturday- 9.00am-5.00pm Cheap beautician in Durham Since there are hundreds of beauticians on the platform, you may only be interested in seeking affordable prices in Durham. To narrow down your options, you will key in words like, "cheap beautician," and, "Durham," in the search bar. The website will automatically generate a list of cheap beauticians in this city.f Beautician near Durham If you are interested in a beautician near you regardless of the price they charge, you will once more navigate to the website's dashboard. You will key in the terms, "Beautician," and, "Durham," in the search bar. Once that is done, the website will only generate beauticians and salons from Durham. If you do not specify Durham in your search, you will likely get a list of all beauticians from England.