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    Platinum Medi Cosmetic Clinic

    15.5 mi 22-24 Academy Street, EH48 1DX, Bathgate
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    General Consultation

    Prior to treatment a consultation is recommended to assess, discuss options, receive information and ask any questions you may have in order to make an informed choice. This is non refundable and must be paid prior to securing appointment. We look forward to welcoming you to Platinum Medi Cosmetic Clinic 🤗

    REVIEW Follow Up(after treatment appt)- Free

    Review follow-up appointment

    Bio Identical HRT Assessment (50 mins)

    BHRT-Not just for the ladies! Consultation and assessment appointment with our prescribing Nurse Practitioner Jill Smith. Jill has experience of her own journey with BHRT which fuelled her passion to go on and train in this specialised area. She has previously worked in GP practice, trained in Family Planning and GU Medicine and delivered courses in sexual health and relationship education. Nurse Jill brings to you the first dedicated Nurse Led BHRT independent clinic in West Lothian and only one of a limited number in Lothian. Jill strongly believes you have the right to maintain positive sexual, hormonal and emotional wellbeing as you age and shouldn't be made to feel peri and menopausal symptoms is "just something you have to put up with". It's time to take back control!! If you are experiencing smptoms of hormonal changes and are seeking symptomatic relief, BHRT may be the ideal option for you. Our service includes a thorough assessment, full hormone profiling, further investigations and potential treatment if required following your initial consultation. If indicated, Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy can be tailored specifically to you with less side effects than conventional HRT and doses "tweaked” to optimise treatment response and outcomes. BHRT can help both men and women re-balance natural hormone levels and replace those which have already depleted due to natural or surgical/medical induced menopause. BHRT is produced in compound pharmacies for each individual and is the most bio compatible with your natural hormones. This is unlike the mass produced synthetic version’s manufactured by big pharmaceutical companies and choice of NHS and GP services in the UK. We offer you an alternative option and replace 𝘢𝘭𝘭 hormones required for symptom relief and well-being which may be lacking when seeking conventional prescribing. You will receive compassionate care, an understanding listening ear and adequate time to address your concerns regarding this potential life changing hormonal re-balancing solution.
  • Kilsyth Beauty Salon & Training School

    8.3 mi 10-12 Main St, Kilsyth, G65 0AQ, Glasgow
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    Chin and Jaw Tightening Treatment

    Save up to 15%
    £15.00 £12.75

    Eye Bag Reduction/Upper Lid Lift

    This is a one session in Salon appointment. This treatment can also be used at home for £69.99 Home kit lasts for 5 treatments.
    Save up to 15%
    £20.00 £17.00

    Liquid Lipo Fat Dissolve

    Save up to 15%
    £60.00 £51.00
    1h 30min
  • The Balance Hub - Weight Loss, Health & Wellbeing

    14.9 mi 75 Kilbowie Road, G81 1BL, Clydebank

    Regular Weekly Weigh In Appointment - with Cat

    Weekly catch up

    Couples Weekly Weigh In Appointment - with Cat

    Weekly catch up for couples

    New Slimmer Induction with Cat - Card Details Req

    Appointment for clients who have not previously used The 1:1 Diet. Please note your card details are required for security only. £20 no show fee will only be charged if no show or cancellation/amendment within 24 hours of appointment time.
  • Christines Hair & Beauty

    13.1 mi 333 Nitshill Road, G53 7BL, Glasgow

    Aqualyx Fat Loss Injections


    Aqualyx Fat Loss Injections larger area


    Ear Percing

  • Scotland Beauty Hamilton

    7.0 mi 197 Main St, Platinum And Leighanne Salon, ML2 7ND, Wishaw

    Liquid Lipo Weight Loss Wraps

    Recomendation 3 treatments Please contact Pamela before appointment so she can give you pre treatment advise 07921-012865
    1h 30min

    No Needle Weight Loss Injections

    Please contact Pamela prior to your appointment so she can give you pre treatment advise - 07921-012865

    Skin Tightening Treatment

    + 4 more options