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Podiatry (4)

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  • Cosy Beauty

    N68, Ennis, Lissycasey

    Brightening discolorations

    MD Unitone TXA + Vitamin C therapy 🍋 Perfect for: 📍uneven skin tone 📍photo-anging 📍discolouration due to sun exposure, hormonal disorders Novelty dermo-cosmetic therapy formulated to even out the skin tone and eliminate unsightly pigmentation of various types. The main ingredients – tranexamic acid – is the latest beauty industry’s discovery in the field of combating discolouration of hormonal and post-inflammatory origin as well as caused by sun exposure.

    Phytohormonal skin supplement for women's

    Woman Definition is a phytohormonal skin supplement for women that restores balance and looks younger during hormonal changes. It slows down the processes of endogenous skin aging associated with the decrease in estrogen levels, intensification of glycation processes and oxidative stress. Contains Phytogen-complex of plant extracts rich in phytoestrgens that prevent loss of elasticity and delay the aging process. The innovative ingredient Feminage, created especially for mature skin of women, supports the integrity of the skin thanks to its anti-glycation and antioxidant properties. A synergistic combination of rice, raspberry, rose and blackcurrant oils nourishes the skin, provides vitamins and strengthens the protective barrier.
    1h 30min

    Sensitive skin and broken capillaries

    Neuro Sensi Therapy was designed for hypersensitive and capillary skin. The combinationof Endothelyol™ and SensAmone P5 peptide has a neurosensory effect on vessels and sensory receptors. It also actively monitors inflammation factors, vascular problems and sensation neuroreceptors. It is recommended for irritated skin, rosacea-prone skin as well as skin after dermoesthetic treatments.
    1h 30min
  • JFM (Just for Men Ltd)

    19 Anglesea Street, JFM, Cork


    Students under supervision offer Haircut €3 Headshave €3 Beardtrim €3

    Wash, Blowdry and Style


    OAP Haircut

  • JFM (Just for Men, Manscaping Lounge)

    31 Grand Parade, JFM, Cork

    Barber Hair Cut for Kids U12


    Barber Cut for kids U12 + with Fade


    Pensioners Haircut

    Advice on your style options, full haircut, wash, blowdry and style. And a few extras - its the attention to detail!
  • Dream Zone

    St Mary Street, 30A, Dungarvan

    Protein Nails ( removal old and reapply)


    Protein Nails ( Clear nails)