The barbershop where I cut hair is a clean space created for people who want to make looking good a part of their lifestyle. And from inside this space, my clients become family. My name is Johann, and I work in an upbeat barbershop and clients can find the shop Downtown Kissimmee. Some of my specialities include beard trimming, goatee maintenance, eyebrow services, lineups, and scissor or clipper cuts.

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Full Service

Includes any Men’s Haircut, Beard Trim and Eyebrows.

45m $30.00 Book now

Men’s Haircut & Beard Trim/Shave

Includes any Signature Men’s Haircut & Beard Trim & Goatee service.

35m $28.00 Book now

Men’s Haircut (no beard)

Haircut featuring scissors/clippers paired with a straight razor lineup finish.

30m $20.00 Book now

Kids Haircut

Ages 12 & Under

35m $17.00 Book now

Women’s Cut/Trim

Includes a cut/trim for women using shears, finished off with a blowout

45m $35.00 Book now

Beard Trim & Goatee

Sculpted beard. Hair texture and face analyzed to create a flawless beard using a combination of clippers and scissors to achieve beard goals. **Note: $8 if accompanied by haircut**

15m $13.00 Book now


Trimmers/scissors combined with a shaver and straight razor finish.

10m $10.00 Book now

Shape Up & Beard Trim

Shape Up & Beard Trim Services included

20m $18.00 Book now


Straight razor combined with scissor finish. **Note: $3 if accompanied by haircut**

5m $6.00 Book now


At the location of your choosing. Signature Haircut featuring scissors/clippers paired with a straight razor lineup finish. IBNLT: Eyebrows & Beard Trim

50m $50.00 Book now

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  1. Courtney avatar

    Courtney C.

    Johann always does an amazing job with my 4 year old son! I show him a picture of what I want and he does it exactly! My son used to always cry at the barber, but once we found Johann it was a new world. My son lets him scissor, buzz, blade, all of it with no problem! We love Johann!!

  2. Domonic avatar

    Domonic D.

    I had a great experience with Johann. For my house call he showed up on time and is very nice. As far as the haircut, it was pretty perfect. Not only was it quick, but I was able to show him a picture of what I wanted and I got exactly that. Its nice to not have to worry about every second of a haircut. Instead we just got to talk and it was very relaxing.

  3. Frankie avatar

    Frankie R.

    Hands down best hair cut experience! Crafty with the blade and buzzer, Johann keeps you looking fresh and stays on top of his appointments. Easy going and won’t be a stranger. What used to be something I had to do every month has turned into I WANT TO GO. Looking fresh is important and Johann will not let you down

  4. Sherida avatar

    Sherida E.

    Johann is an absolute gem! He's welcoming, keeps a good conversation, and quick with the hands! By far the best in the neighborhood!

  5. Andrew avatar

    Andrew C.

    Barber had me feeling brand new! If you want a clean cut with great vibes and music this is your spot. Johann appreciate the fiyahhh cut papo!

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