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If you’re unhappy trimming your own beard or getting a generic haircut from a discount salon, you’re not alone. Lots of guys struggle with staying stylish without breaking the bank. Boutique salons will give you a great look, but they can be expensive, and even a little intimidating. Now is a better time than ever to meet your neighborhood barber. Barbershops have made a comeback in men’s personal care by providing unique haircuts at affordable prices. Kissimmee boasts a number of professional barbers who can give you a great look with a personal touch. Why Go To A Barbershop? As a kid you probably saw a barbershop on some old TV show with some gold guy cutting hair. “Trendy” wasn’t exactly the word that came to mind. Time changes things, and barbershops have become a place where you can consult with a professional barber on getting a new look. At a barbershop you can expect the usual services like a haircut and beard trim, but there’s a lot more to offer. Barbers can teach their clients how to maintain their beard in between trims, and offer advice on how you can achieve your optimal look. Straight razor shaves are also a popular service at barbershops, hot towel treatment and all. Eyebrow waxing and trimming are also standard at most barbershops these days. Some shops will even throw in a shoulder massage or a beer. When you go to a barbershop, something as simple as a haircut can become a relaxing experience after a long day at the office. How Long Does It Take? Barbers are known for being efficient, so taking care of yourself doesn’t have to take a lot of time. A man’s haircut usually lasts 20 minutes. Add another 10 for a beard trim, and 20 minutes for a straight razor shave. Even if you get the full package, you can still get out of the shop with a new look in under an hour. How Much Does It Cost? You can expect to spend $15-$30 on average for a haircut in Kissimmee. Beard trims usually run $10-$20, and most straight razor shaves are $25-$35. Many barbershops will offer packages or a discounted rate if you book multiple services. Where Can I Find A Barbershop in Kissimmee? If you’re ready to meet your neighborhood barber, now is the perfect time. Return to the listings above or download our app to find a professional barbershop with great reviews in your area. We’ll help you book the best. Articles Mens Fade Haircut Should I Get a Buzz Cut? Mens Curly Haircuts Best Mustache Styles Popular Mens Haircuts Beard trends