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Are you considering a navel piercing to show off on the sunny Florida beach? Or maybe you just want to get your ears pierced? Whether it’s your first piercing or your tenth, Kissimmee piercing techs have you covered! Piercings are a form of self-expression and can also commemorate comings of age. Trust a licensed Kissimmee piercing technician to give you the piercing you want and to teach you how to care for it so it heals quickly. With proper care, your new piercing can last forever. Ready to pick out body jewelry? Book your appointment with a top-rated Kissimmee Fl. piercing technician today! What Do I Need to Know Before Getting a Piercing? Before booking an appointment for a piercing, clients should verify that the location they are considering offers their desired piercing. While this isn’t an issue with clients seeking more common piercings such as the ears, belly button, and nose, some more complex piercings may only be performed by specialists with more extensive training. This ensures that the piercing is performed safely with the least possible chance for complications. Piercing technicians typically perform new piercings only with jewelry that clients purchase on site. This helps them control the quality of the jewelry and guarantee the client’s safety from infection. Kissimmee piercing techs will also recommend hypoallergenic metals, especially for a client’s first piercing. Be sure to follow all aftercare instructions so that your piercing heals quickly. If you experience extreme swelling, pain, or drainage, call your piercing location or go see your doctor. How Long is an Appointment for a Piercing? Piercings in Kissimmee, Fl. typically take between 10-30 minutes depending on the complexity of the piercing. The appointment also includes a run-through of proper aftercare procedures. How Much Does a Piercing Cost in Kissimmee? In Kissimmee, Florida, the cost of piercings depends on the location of the piercing, as well as the piece of jewelry selection. Clients can expect to pay around $25+ for ear piercings, $40+ for nose and belly button piercings. More complex piercings may cost more. How Do I Book an Appointment for Piercing in Kissimmee? Ready to pick out your new bling? Check out the listings above for the best piercing technicians in the Kissimmee, Fl., area or use the free Booksy app to schedule your appointment today! Articles Nose Piercing Guide Ear Piercing Trends How To Take Care Of Your Body Piercing Thinking About Getting A Body Piercing?