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5447 S. indiana, Chicago, 60615


5447 S. indiana, Chicago, 60615


    • Quick Weave

      A Quick weave is installed with a cap and quick glue/ this style can be took down by using Warm water with shampoo. Do not use conditioner until tracks is off cap.
    • Shampoo/blow dry plus style

      If have an appointment and come in without your hair washed without a blowdry/ you will be charged an extra $10 for a wash & blow dry plus style.
    • Ponytails

      Ponytails are quick same as quick weave/ all you have to bring is your hair.
    • Sew ins

      Sew ins are basically better when it comes to protecting and growing the natural hair/ can be styles in various ways and even curled, flat ironed, or dyed when using 100% human hair. Underneath your human hair lays braids and a net that protects your natural hair from breakage and damaging.
    • Natural blow out

      Natural blow out consist of shampoo, conditioning, with a blow dry. After is styled to a style desired by customer. Hair must be tooking down from any style before receiving this Natural blow out.
    • Curls with any style is $5 EXTRA‼️

      Yes Curls with style is a 5 Extra
    • Buns with bang

      Bun and bang is basically a bun at the center of the head while a bang is trimmed and layed to the front
    • Touch up for quick weave

      Fixing tracks that might have came unloose also being restyled with style that was desired
    • Touch up on sew ins

      Restitching tracks/ also washing & blow drying weave and giving you the same style desired/ any different styled other than style giving is $5 EXTRA
    • Short Hair style

      Short hair style consist of relaxing hair/ cutting/ and adding hair extensions if customer is desired for either one.
    • Even Cut Sew in

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