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4332 W Washington Blvd, Chicago, 60624


4332 W Washington Blvd, Chicago, 60624


  • Maintenance

    3 services
    • Consultation

      One on one consultation to discuss needs
    • Haircut

      Full haircut, includes​ shampoo and blow dry.
    • Relaxer- touch up

      Relaxer is applied to the new growth, includes shampoo and blow dry.

  • Weaves/Extension

    3 services
    • Sew In

      Hair is braided then hair weave is sew onto the braids.
    • Microlinks

      Hair is applied and attached using small links attached using a clamp.
    • Quick weave

      Hair is either braided, molded down and hair weave is glued on.

  • Styling

    2 services
    • Shampoo Blowdry

      Shampoo and conditioner, blown dry.
    • Silk Press

      Products used are specifically made to leave hair silky, full of body, frizz free with a beautiful shine.

  • Waxing

    4 services
    • Eyebrow

    • Underarm

      Hair is removed from underarms using wax and cloth strips.
    • Lip

      Hair is removed from upper lip using wax and cloth strips.
    • Chin

      Hair is removed from chin area using wax and cloth strips.

  • Color

    5 services
    • Semi-perm color

      Color that last 4-6 weeks washes out over time, includes shampoo condition and blow dry.
    • Partial highlights

      Partial section of hair highlighted (foils)
    • Full highlights

      Full hair highlighted (foils)
    • Permanent color

      Permanent hair color, includes shampoo and condition, and blow dry.
    • Double process color

      Lightening (bleaching) the hair to a certain level them adding color to it.

  • Makeup

    4 services
    • Lashes - strip

      Eyelashes on a strip applied using adhesive
    • Lashes- individual

      Bunches of eyelashes applied individually using adhesive.
    • Enhanced brow

      Brows are enhanced to look fuller using cosmetics.
    • Traditional makeup

      Classic makeup look, using compliments colors and shades.

  • Add-ons

    3 services
    • Trim

      Add-on service
    • Flat/curling iron

      Add-on service; curling, flat, wand, hot comb, round brush.
    • Deep Conditioning

      Custom blend of conditioner is applied and processed using heat.

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