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Pete's Barber Shop
2881 N Elston Ave, Chicago, 60618
128 reviews

Pete's Barber Shop

2881 N Elston Ave, Chicago, 60618


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  • Pete @lifeofpetehuels

  • Johnny @native.son.barber

  • Kristen @thehellrazorbarber

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      128 reviews
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      Kyle B…

      May 9, 2021

      Dan B…

      May 8, 2021
      Great haircut as always. Great shop....
      Replied: May 8, 2021
      Pete's Barber Shop

      Alejandro M…

      May 7, 2021
      AMAZING barbershop with PHENOMENAL barbers that make me feel like I'm visiting family every time I go in for a cut. The service and attention to detail is so impeccable that i go out of my way to get my haircut at Pete's. Love everything about it!!!...
      Replied: May 7, 2021
      Pete's Barber Shop

      armin f…

      May 5, 2021
      Wow, Kristen is phenomenal! Don't hesitate to book her! She cuts my hair exactly how I like it....
      Replied: May 5, 2021
      Pete's Barber Shop

      Andrew C…

      Apr 21, 2021
      Really nice experience! This was the first professional haircut I received since Jan 2020, and I'm glad I did it with Pete!...
      Replied: Apr 21, 2021
      Pete's Barber Shop

      Ruben N…

      Apr 19, 2021
      Kristen's fades are always on point... feels great to finally have a proper barber....
      Replied: Apr 20, 2021
      Pete's Barber Shop

      Stephen D…

      Apr 16, 2021
      Love the place! Decor and super hero vibe is very nostalgic for me....
      Replied: Apr 16, 2021
      Pete's Barber Shop

      Joshua E…

      Apr 15, 2021
      Great shop great people love this place....
      Replied: Apr 15, 2021
      Pete's Barber Shop

      David S…

      Apr 12, 2021
      If we are only as good our last haircut (Fran Lebowitz) make it a great cut. Get in with Pete, a cut n style, out the door upon your face, you’ll find a smile....
      Replied: Apr 12, 2021
      Pete's Barber Shop

      Oscar F…

      Apr 9, 2021
      Go for the cleanest haircut, stay for the good vibes & great conversation. Only been twice, but you can't help but to feel good when you walk in. Highly recommend!...
      Replied: Apr 9, 2021
      Pete's Barber Shop

      Mike M…

      Apr 9, 2021
      Great cut, great staff, and great protocols for safety. Highly recommend to anyone who wants a superb cut....
      Replied: Apr 9, 2021
      Pete's Barber Shop

      Chris S…

      Apr 5, 2021
      Best barbershop in town. Great atmosphere, amazing service, and always good tunes....
      Replied: Apr 5, 2021
      Pete's Barber Shop

      Corey V…

      Mar 31, 2021
      Man! Best haircut in Chicago! If you want not only the amazing skill these barbers offer, but to also relax and bullshit like an old school barber shop, this is the place for you. They will offer all the hair advice you can handle and your have som...e good conversation while getting it. They take fantastic safety precautions during these strange times.
      Replied: Mar 31, 2021
      Pete's Barber Shop

      Brian S…

      Mar 29, 2021
      Awesome barber. Very friendly. She cut my hair exactly how I wanted....
      Replied: Mar 29, 2021
      Pete's Barber Shop

      Edward M…

      Mar 27, 2021
      Friendly people, relaxed vibe....
      Replied: Mar 27, 2021
      Pete's Barber Shop

      Michael A…

      Mar 21, 2021
      Finally found the best barber shop in town! No gimmicks, no sales pushes on product; Just damn good, honest barbers. If you want the classic forum environment a barber shop should offer, this is your spot....
      Replied: Mar 22, 2021
      Pete's Barber Shop

      Patrick G…

      Mar 20, 2021
      Excellent haircut!!! This was my first time at Pete’s and I will be back. The atmosphere is awesome…he’s got a retro style with his hobbies on display. Pete definitely cares about his business and craft....
      Replied: Mar 21, 2021
      Pete's Barber Shop

      Brandon C…

      Mar 19, 2021
      Great as always!...
      Replied: Mar 20, 2021
      Pete's Barber Shop

      Chris C…

      Mar 17, 2021
      I've been getting my hair cut and beard trimmed for over three years at Pete's. Pete and Johnny are both great, and now after having Kristen give me a cut I can say the whole shop is fucking awesome. Quality cuts, cool space, the best people....
      Replied: Mar 17, 2021
      Pete's Barber Shop

      Joe L…

      Mar 9, 2021
      Great haircut from Kristen. Precise and thorough work. Chill barbershop vibes. 10/10, would recommend....
      Replied: Mar 9, 2021
      Pete's Barber Shop
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