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TEE @ Rockstar Barber Shop
1849 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, 60622
161 reviews
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TEE @ Rockstar Barber Shop

1849 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, 60622
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    Popular Services

    • Hair cuts

    • Hair cuts & Facial hair

    • Razor Shaves


  • Other Services

    • The Rockstar Treatment

    • New Face Facial ((The Works))

    • Hair cuts, facial hair and Color

    • Hair cuts & Facial hair

    • Hair cuts

    • Kid cuts

    • Razor Shaves


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0 reviews

Jaime L…

Sep 3, 2020
TEE is amazing. He turned my horrible at home hair cut into a great looking cut. Thank you!

Tarique S…

Aug 29, 2020
Tee is one of the best barbers who’s chair I ever set in. Showed him a pic of how I wanted my fade and beard and he gave me exactly that! The service was amazing. Steam facial, got the noise wax. Took his time and gave me a clean boss cut! He’s re...

Matt H…

Aug 28, 2020
Did a tremendous job, I got a haircut I never experienced before. My girlfriend was even more satisfied than me, and I’m pretty crazy about my fades. First haircut in Chicago, hopefully it’ll be the last barbershop I have to find because the job a...

Lupe G…

Aug 26, 2020
Super cool awesome guy! Anyone in need of a haircut, check him out!

Andrew M…

Aug 20, 2020
Great haircut! Real nice place and Tee was great as well

Dez M…

Aug 13, 2020
Easily one of the most thorough and professional baber experiences ive ever had. Tee is obviously passionate in his craft, and it showed from the moment i sat in the chair. Do yourself a favor and go see Tee, guarantee you'll walk out feeling like...

Vikki E…

Aug 12, 2020
Prompt, punctual and precise- what more can you ask for.

Vinny M…

Aug 8, 2020
Phenomenal barber with great attention to detail and customer service. Highly recommend.

Kendall I…

Aug 7, 2020
Bro really knows how to cut hair.

Reginald H…

Jul 24, 2020
Very professional and Carved me like a turkey 💪🏿💯

Jay G…

Jul 24, 2020
Great cut from a cool guy 👍

Montae F…

Jul 23, 2020
Great service

Devell W…

Jul 8, 2020
First time booking him I love the shop I will definitely be booking him again 😎😎

Nicholas M…

Jul 7, 2020
Great experience from start to finish . His attention to detail will leave you blown away . Great customer service , I would highly recommend TEE to anyone.

Chris R…

Jul 5, 2020
Tee's my guy wont let anyone else touch my hair

Sandy J…

Jun 25, 2020
Well done!

Joshua C…

Jun 22, 2020
Tee is an absolute professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for top notch skills and service.

Jay A…

Jun 11, 2020
Tee is a professional and has top notch services. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a new barber.

John L…

Jun 9, 2020
Won’t go anywhere else In Chicago

David H…

Jun 3, 2020
Always the best!
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