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Babies seemingly grow up so fast. Another part that goes fast? Their growing out of the numerous shoes and clothes and accessories you so lovingly buy for them. One thing that can help keep their cuteness in tact while remaining easy on your wallet -- baby ear piercing. The process is quick -- easy on parents -- and makes for cute, fun jewelry to make your little one shine. What is Baby Ear Piercing? Baby ear piercing is the process of piercing the ears for babies in any part of the ear, ranging from thelobes to the cartilage. Since cartilage piercings are typically more difficult to keep healthy and clean andare more painful than lobe piercings, it’s suggested to start with the lobes for babies. It’s generallysuggested for babies with new piercings use gold posts (the part that sits in the hole) for a while as theyare less likely to cause infection and swelling. How Long Does Baby Ear Piercing Take to Get Done? Getting the ears pierced is a very swift and quick process, generally taking around 10-20 minutes. You should allow time, however, for cleaning and preparing and also perhaps some time to make sure yourchild is calm and relaxed to ensure a smooth process! How Long Does Baby Ear Piercing Last? Baby ear piercing lasts as long as you keep the ears clean and healthy and take good care to avoid infection. Be aware of keeping earrings in the ears, as the holes will close up if not filled. How Much Does Baby Ear Piercing Cost in Tampa? Baby ear piercing runs pretty cheap, typically around $20-$30. You can even find prices as low as $10-$15, but would bet on the higher end for quality service. Where to Get Baby Ear Piercing in Tampa Need help finding a top notch salon in Tampa with great customer reviews and highly experienced staff? Don’t overthink it—simply use Booksy to find the best health and beauty care professionals in your area. Return to the listings above or download our app to start booking the best today!