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    Ellen’s Locs Frizz American Hair Braiding

    24.0 mi 932 Brookline Blvd, Pittsburgh, 15226


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    Faux locs

    3h 30min

    Regular Box Braids Small

  • HausofPretty

    12.4 mi 500 Superior Ave, Aliquippa, 15001

    Bohemian Box Braids


    Bohemian Knotless


    Bohemian Fulani Braids

  • Vail's Braid Chair

    11.1 mi Main St, 1314, Aliquippa, 15001

    Medium knotless box braids includes hair


    Small knotless box braids includes hair


    Medium box braids includes hair

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    Unique Locs & Natural Hair Care, LLC

    43.4 mi 5204 Mahoning Ave, Suite 107, Youngstown, 44515

    New Client Consultation

    Whether you are a new starter loc client or already have established locs, an in-person consultation is required. For starter locs, your stylist will do a hair and scalp analysis. For severe dandruff, Alopecia, severe scalp dermatitis etc a dermatologist visit may be required before install. We also go over pricing due to length, volume of locs, and or any repairs that need done. Same day consultation and service is possible please discuss with your stylist before booking both.

    Palm Roll Starter Locs

    Traditional Starter Locs is where your stylist would take your natural hair and finger twist/palm rolling the to the ends. This method takes about 3-6 months to loc with consistent maintenance (retwist) every 3-4 weeks. Or depending on your preference. Reminder: neither method changes the texture of your hair. You will have frizz. Please come washed and air dried. With this method you may not wash your hair until your stylist determines the loc stage can handle a wash and shampoo. If wash by the client beforehand, there will be a maintenance fee
    3h 30min

    Two Strand Starter Locs

    Palm roll the root into a two strands. Pricing starts at $200 to shoulders only. $300 from shoulders to mid back (bra length) $400 mid back to hips. In person “New Client Consult” is required before booking this service. Final pricing is determined by length, volume, and size desired. Client and stylist will agree upon final pricing before booking this service
  • Tress2Impress Hair Salon

    8.4 mi 2476 Brodhead Rd, Suite B, Aliquippa, 15001



    Traditional Install (leave out)

    The clients natural hair is left out at the top to cover the extensions. (Middle or side part)
    1h 55min

    Basic Closure install

    This service doesn’t have the frontal illusion or any baby hairs.
    2h 30min
  • Lacey’s Beauty Bar LLC

    17.6 mi 1414 7th Avenue, Beaver Falls, 15010

    Full Set of Mega Volume Lashes

    This is the most voluminous style of lashes. It’s the fullest and thickest type of lash extension. We can do any length in the mega volume.
    2h 30min

    Full Set of Volume Lashes

    Volume Lashes are the most popular style here at the beauty bar! They come in all different lengths and styles.

    Full Set of Hybrid Lashes

    This lash style is right in between classic and volume lashes. It is a mixture of both styles. There are many lengths to choose from.
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