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One of the biggest surprises when learning about faux locs is the fact that they aren’t actual dreadlocks. Looking for a way to enjoy the look of dreads but without locking your hair calls for some theatrics. The “faux” is delicate and done so fine that all you can see is a glossy finish to what can be called locs. There’s an easy way to get appointments to finally style the faux look you had in mind. Booksy is something of a miracle when it comes to hair grooming and dreadlock styling. If you haven’t yet witnessed what it’s like to book your next appointment online, then now is your time to think about downloading the Booksy app. There’s a stylist in Booksy’s database with the right skills for your hairdo. All you need is an open account and an internet connection to book your dates. Book an Appointment With a Loc Stylist Near Me Booking appointments online would be difficult if location services weren’t also a part of the process. Most dread styles are personal and build on the personal relationship a stylist has with you. That relationship might even make more sense when your stylist is only minutes away. The locations of our stylists are embedded into our website and updated to a zip code you enter. Each appointment you book is processed in real time. Whether you use our app or direct website, your stylist gets notified. Have You Also Seen Our Butterfly Locs in Atlanta? Butterfly locs have qualities similar to faux but with a loose and unraveled appearance. In the same manner as styling faux locs, butterflies are inserted into the base of your natural hair. Synthetic or natural hair is then wrapped to finish your locs but with a frazzled feel. There are various ways to manipulate the faux method. The following are some styles to consider: Straights: Straight finishes are very flat in appearance. These stylings are very clean with straight lines and flat reflections of light. Twists: Twists can be done for common dreadlocks and the faux. You achieve a twist by taking at least two separate locs and twisting them together at their ends. Braids: The actual density of a faux loc is often created by wrapping extensions around a strand of braided hair. The width of the braid dictates the final thickness of the finished faux. Curls: Curls are found already made into faux extensions or are achieved after a faux covering was wrapped around your locs. How to Schedule the Ideal Loctician in Atlanta? There’s a tremendous amount to gain by looking at the current reviews on Booksy. Our users rely on a system of honesty, which gives you a clear understanding of how certain specialists perform. Your choice of specialist will then lead you into a service page. Each stylist provides extensive services that add to or enhance your meetings for faux locs. You can search specialists through list tags that have been tailored for industry specialties. Specialties, for example, consist of curly versus butterfly locs. Do Faux Locs Stylists All Cost the Same? You can find bargain deals for faux locs starting at roughly $80. You have to keep in mind that faux finishes are complicated to achieve. Our specialists develop their skills over many years and earn certifications to become legitimate locticians. You should expect higher costs the more experienced a stylist is. You’ll also notice, at least as it relates to faux locs, that high-ranking professionals are also more expensive. Look for add-ons like shampoos and conditioners to also increase your cost. What Do Appointments for Faux Locs Near Me Consist Of? You can confirm the legitimacy of your stylist by looking for these: Retwisting: This service keeps your locs looking fresh and neat. Cleaning: Shampoos and conditioners that are made for extensions can be requested at any time. Clipping: Many of those with dreads prefer someone who can shape up their foreheads, back and sides. Moisturizing: Keeping your scalp moist as tension is being applied to your hair can reduce soreness and keep your hair strands intact.