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Who doesn’t love having beautiful and manicured nails that they can show off? Especially in a bustling city like Tampa, where you have so many occasions to express your personal style. However, in the business of everyday life, we can end up forgetting to book an appointment at a nail salon. But fear not, Booksy is coming to help! Book an appointment for gel nails in Tampa through our website or app! It’s fast and easy, promise!   Book an appointment online for gel nails in Tampa    We hope you’ve heard of Booksy, but if you haven’t, here’s some basic information about us! Booksy is a platform that allows you to book appointments online for various services, from haircuts, through facials, to gel nail manicures. You can visit our website or use our app, which you can download entirely for free! And it’s available for both Android and iOS operated devices.    The great thing about Booksy is that you can book an appointment at any time of day, wherever you are. Maybe it’s midnight and you just chipped off a nail. Don’t stress, just head to Booksy and book an appointment for the next day to get that claw fixed! And if you just decided you want to get a gel manicure, again, head to Booksy!   To take advantage of our platform, head to our website or app. There you’ll see a search bar with two fields you’ll need to fill out–the service you’re interested in and your location. In this case you’ll type in “gel nails” and “Tampa.” Once you do this, you’ll see a list of results. The results will be beauty salons offering this service in your area. See how fast that was?   So what are gel nails?   A gel manicure is a great option for those who don’t have time to fuss over their nails. Thanks to a curing process, gel nails can stay chip-free for several weeks. So what does such a manicure look like?   Once you’re at the beauty salon, a manicurist will first prep your nails and cuticles. She will then use special gel-based polish that she will cure using a LED or UV lamp. A great thing about this gel polish is the amount of colors available, they’re nearly endless! You can choose any color, from nude to cherry red, from pastel pink to deep blue! And thanks to the hardiness of the polish and curing process, you’ll visit your manicurist only when your nails regrow, or you decide you want a new color! How to choose the best salon offering gel nails in Tampa? Going to a random nail salon without a recommendation is something we should definitely leave in the previous century! Now, with Booksy, you can get your nails done at a trusted salon. The great thing about Booksy is that it allows clients to leave reviews after they’ve had their service. This will allow you to read any feedback they had and decide if that salon will be the best one for you. Additionally, when you’re presented with the list for “gel nails” in “Tampa,” you can sort the results you got. You’ll have two options here–you can sort by “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed.” Narrowing your search just became easier! How to find a salon offering gel nails in Tampa open now? Ok, so let’s say you’ve filled in the two fields in the search bar. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have an option to choose what dates and times of day you’re interested in. This way, after you choose, let’s say, Thursday afternoon, the list of salons that will pop as a result will only show those that have an open time slot that day in the afternoon.  However, if you have a heart set on one specific beauty salon, you can easily check their operating hours as well. Once you’re on their page, look for their profile section. There you’ll see “Contact & Business Hours.” Again, easy! How can I find a salon offering gel nails near me? Let’s head back a bit. Remember when our search engine showed you a list of salons in your area? Ok, so once you’ve got those results in front of your eyes, locate the “Map View” button. As you’ve probably guessed, this button will open a map of your area. On that map, you’ll see all those listed salons pinpointed directly. This will allow you to locate a salon closest to your home or office, whatever is most convenient for you!  We hope you’ll find all our cool features here on Booksy useful! And thanks to them, you’ll easily book your next appointment!