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When you live in or are traveling to a fun city like Tampa, known for its diverse culture and incredible landscape, you would like to look your best. Between all of the activities and local attractions Tampa has to offer, it can be hard to stand out. One of the easiest ways to make a statement is to have gorgeous nails, and a manicure will leave you feeling fresh, vibrant, and beautiful. What Is a Manicure? A manicure is a cosmetic treatment involving the hands which includes filing, shaping, cutting, and painting of the nails. This treatment often includes soaking and moisturizing the hands as well. How Long Does a Manicure Take to Get Done? A standard manicure takes between 45 and 50 minutes. How Long Does a Manicure Last? A standard manicure lasts from one to two weeks depending on how fast your nails grow and how much activity your nails experience within your lifestyle. How Much Does It Cost? Basic manicures usually cost between $12-$15 and a more deluxe manicure will cost between $20-$25. How to Find a Salon in Tampa If you’re ready to experience a manicure and have beautiful nails, check out the listings above to find the best nail salons in the Tampa area, or download the free Booksy app to explore your options on the go.