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Many of us dream of long, Kylie Jenner- or Billie Eilish-like nails. The best way to achieve a similar effect is by getting nail extensions. Nail extensions may seem like something mysterious, but believe us, they really are not. Read on to learn more about this type of nail service and find out how you can find the best place to get nail extensions in Tampa! Book an appointment online for nail extensions in Tampa Booking an appointment for a beauty service has never been easier! Thanks to Booksy, thousands of beauty salons are at the tip of your fingers! All you need to do is visit our website or open our Booksy app. The Booksy app is available free of charge, both for iOS and Android operated smartphones.  Ok, so you’ve got Booksy in front of you, great! Now what you’ll want to do is locate the search tabs at the top of the screen. There you’ll see two fields you’ll need to fill in–one with the service you’re interested in and the second one with your location. In this case you’ll type in “nail extensions” in “Tampa.” Once you’ve got all the information filled in, our search engine will perform it’s magic and compile a list of salons offering nail extension services in your area. From there you’re just a flew clicks, or taps, away from booking your appointment! Types of nail extensions There are a few methods you can choose from when opting for nail extensions. The most common ones are: Acrylic nail extensions Created from a combination of a liquid monomer and a powder polymer, acrylics are a great way to get long nails. The manicurist will first glue tips on your nails to give them length and then cover them with the mixture. After being exposed to air, the mixture will harden, providing you with a chip-free layer. Acrylics can be shaped and buffed in any way you like, allowing you to truly personalize your extensions. Gel nail extensions Durable and long-lasting, gel nail extensions can be created in two ways. The first one is similar to the acrylic version, where the manicurist will glue tips on your nail which she will then cover with gel polish. In the second option, she will use a special form to build the nail extensions. Similarly, gel extensions can also be shaped into the desired form.  Fiberglass or silk nail extensions This method is less common, but still you’ve probably seen it on Instagram. Here a manicurist will begin with attaching pieces of fiberglass or silk to your nails. Next, she will seal them with a dedicated glue or resin. These extensions can be then shaped and covered with a top or nail polish. How to choose the best salon offering nail extensions in Tampa? Let’s go back to Booksy. You see, there are two ways Booksy can help you choose the best beauty salon in your area. The first way is a feature called “Sort by.” When you’ve got your list of salons offering nail extensions in Tampa, you can sort those results. There are two filters you can choose from–”Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed.” A cool thing about Booksy is that each client can leave a rating and feedback after their appointment. This later allows other clients to read those reviews and make informed decisions. After all, it’s so much better to go to a recommended beauty salon! How much do nail extensions cost? The prices of nail extensions vary based on a few factors. First, the method you choose. You’ll encounter a different price for gel extensions and silk extensions. Aspects such as the manicurist's experience, what products she uses, and the location of the beauty salon will also contribute to the final cost.  Don’t worry, you never have to go to your appointment unaware of the price. On Booksy, you’ll see the price tag of each service listed! Finding a beauty salon offering nail extensions near me Booksy can help you out with this one as well! All you need to do is go back to the results list. There, locate the “Map View” button. Once you click, or tap, on it, you’ll see all the salons offering nail extensions in Tampa pinpointed directly on the map. This will then allow you to choose the salon with the location that is most convenient to you!