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  • Isis Nailz

    4.3 mi 10420 North Florida Avenue, Tampa, 33612

    Gel polish toes only


    Regular Acrylic nails (Short full set)

    Short square Full set starting at $35 using regular acrylic with regular polish color of your choice. shape an...d any form of design are extra.
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    Regular Acrylic Nails (Medium full set)

    Medium square Full set starting at $45. Using regular acrylic with regular polish color of your choice. shape ...and any form of design are extra.
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  • Royal Agape Day Spa

    15.7 mi 1894 Drew Street, Clearwater, 33765

    Gel Nail Removal




    Royal Signature Facial

    This facial includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, and customized serum and mask treatment as well as a re...juvenating neck and face massage
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Shellac Nails in Tampa

Do your DIY manicures last only a few days before you find yourself re-applying another coat of polish? If you’re sick of constant chipping getting in the way of your nail game, shellac nails can help you keep your chosen color longer.

Shellac nails typically last 10-14 days, but can last for up to one month without chipping. Though if you’re in it for the long haul, be advised that due to nail growth, fill ins may be required after week two.

Book an appointment with most experienced nail technicians in Tampa, Fl. today and your nails will stay instagrammable for the next two weeks!

How Can I Keep My Shellac Nails Looking Their Best?

Shellac nails (also known as a gel manicure) use a long-lasting, durable polish cured under UV light. Unlike acrylics, gel polish cannot be used to lengthen nails, so you should be sure to go to your appointment with your nails the desired length.

Though salons brag about the durability of shellac nails, they are not invincible. To keep your nails lasting into the second, third, or even fourth week, be sure to keep your hands and nails moisturized. Cuticle oil goes a long way in ensuring your nails stay as beautiful as they look when you leave the salon. These manicures, while long-lasting, are still sensitive to cleaning chemicals and pool chemicals, so to keep your nails in top condition, wear gloves to avoid exposing your nails (and hands) to harmful materials.

Clients should also keep in mind that removing or changing shellac nails requires a trip back to the nail salon for a dip in a special acetone solution designed to remove the polish. Removing the polish on their own can leave customers with damaged nail beds and peeling nails.

How Long is an Appointment for Shellac Nails?

Shellac nails typically takes 1 hour to apply, including time spent under the UV light to cure the gel polish. A shellac manicure also requires a trip back to the nail salon for removal, which usually takes between 30-60 minutes.

How Much Do Shellac Nails Cost in Tampa?

In Tampa, Fl., a shellac nail manicure typically costs between $30-$40 for application and $7 for removal.

How Can I Book an Appointment for Shellac Nails in Tampa?

If you’re ready to commit to long-lasting color, check out the listings above for the best nail technicians in Tampa, Fl., or use the free Booksy app to schedule your appointment today.