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Hair Salons in Santa Clarita

Hairdressers in Santa Clarita CA play one of the leading roles in helping residents maintain their perfect looks.

Santa Clarita has a dry, sunny climate, which can work against your hair by making it brittle. Consider minimizing the time spent in the sun, as the sun's UV rays can damage your hair. Wearing a hat outside or using an umbrella will also help.

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Booksy makes the process for booking appointments at hair salons nearby in Santa Clarita very easy! Browse the listings above to read reviews and see Instagram photos that will help you find the best hairstylist for your needs. You can use our app or website to book your appointment.

Not sure what does a hairdresser do?

If you're in search of the best hair salon in Santa Clarita, you can take full advantage of services ranging from regular monthly haircuts to haircoloring and perms.

Some of the top hairstyling services in Santa Clarita include:

Japanese straightening: A straightening technique for naturally curly and wavy hair
Sew-in hair extensions lasting six to eight weeks
Permanent hair extensions: Lasting ten months or more
Updos and formal hairstyles: Styles that are perfect for formal occasions like weddings
Hair coloring using natural hair color products
Paraffin wax treatments: Helps restore hair damage caused by heat and sunlight

Many of the best hair salons in this city also offer nail and spa treatments and have refreshments available for clients.

How to choose best hairdresser in Santa Clarita?

Our website and app make it much easier for you to find the right stylist with the help of reviews. These reviews help paint a clearer picture of what getting treatments at these salons is like for clients. You can also see how close each of the stylists is to your location.

In addition to seeing who the top-rated stylists near you are, you can learn more about the services that are their specialties. From high-quality hair extensions done every three months to treatments that can be completed with the help of take-home products, you can find the perfect stylist easily.

How much does a visit to the hairdresser cost?

The cost of treatments available at salons in Santa Clarita will vary, with the products the stylists use and their expertise level being the greatest factors. The prices below are examples of some of the prices customers pay at Santa Clarita salons.

Hairstylists in Santa Clarita may charge these minimum prices for popular services:

Hair Trim: $20+
Shampoo & Conditioning: $10+
Blow-out with shampoo and conditioner: $50+
Deep-conditioning treatment: $45+
Highlights: $85+
Extension sew-in: $250+

How to find hair salon open now?

The operating hours for these salons vary, however, many open as early as 10 am and stay open until 6 or 7 pm. Some keep Sunday hours, and most are open on Saturdays.

Cheap hair salon in Santa Clarita

Our search engine makes it easy for you to search for hair specialists by price. You can narrow down the services that you want by selecting individual treatments of interest. When you get the results, they will include prices for the three most popular treatments that the salon offers.

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