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Cincinnati has been a cultural center for the tri-state area for decades. Just recently, the city of Cincinnati has sought to change the public perception of different ethnic hairstyles. With a recent ban on discrimination associated with “natural hair and hairstyles associated with race.” This created a wave of hair care and styles that promotes everyone’s natural hair. New salons and services have risen to the task of helping promote these long underserved hair types and hairstyles. It’s time to get your natural style done in a hair salon nearby. Search the results above provided by booksy for a hair salon near you in Cincinnati OH. Book Hair Salon Appointments Online in Cincinnati Search the results provided by booksy to find hairdressers in Cincinnati to suit your needs. Once you’ve decided which one will serve you best, click the “book” button on the service you want in the salon’s description. Fill out the form and set a reminder. You’re all good to go. What Treatments Are Available at Hair Salons in Cincinnati? Cincinnati is full of what has traditionally come to be expected from salons. Formal stylings, hair treatments, color treatments, facial hair trimming and styling, and now more recently salons are working more with natural hairstyles for every race. Popular Salon Packages in Cincinnati Natural hairstyles are being embraced by the people of Cincinnati. Wash and treatments for natural hair and hairstyles for every race are being serviced with hair-specific treatments. This has led to an increased popularity in decorative braids, twists, and full head braid styles. The Cincinnati hair scene still sees a wide variety of clean styles, but tribal and traditional braids are currently at the forefront. Other popular styles include light, simple, and wavy cuts. The younger generation still prefers ‘pixie’ style colors and short-wavy styles with side fade. The Average Cost of Salon Services in Cincinnati Average price per service: • Trim/Haircut - $20+ • Women’s Wash and Blow Dry - $30+ • Men’s Cut - $30+ • Root Retouch - $60+ • Single Color - $80+ • Beard Cut - $20+ • Braids - $40+ • Quick Weave - $70+ • Partial Highlights - $60+ • Full Highlights - $70+ • Braids - $40+ • Formal Styling - $80+ How Do I Book An Appointment? Booksy makes it easy to search for a salon and set up your next appointment. Just search by a few specific filters to find a salon that fits your needs. Once you scroll to the salon you want to use, you'll find a booking option. Just click it and fill out the form. Make sure you take note of your appointment date and time. Search by Operating Hours If you’re in a hurry and need to find a salon that’s open right now, just go to the search bar at the top of the booksy website or app. Select the ‘when?’ section and choose today’s date. Your results will filter out salons that are booked up or closed. You’ll be left with only the salons that are open right now. Select the best option for you and get your hair done today. Transparent Price Listings You can figure out the skill level of salons by checking with the transparent prices provided in the details of each shop. Generally, higher-priced salons offer a more masterful result and a greater variety of services. Measure a salon’s confidence in its skill by their pricing to find the best hairdresser in Cincinnati. However, you can always search out the lower-priced options if you just need a quick trim or have to stick to a budget and not the best hair salon in Cincinnati. Find Nearby Locations Booksy makes finding hair salons nearby your location simple. In their search bar, there is a middle section specifically for the location. Either add your location with your device’s autofill or type in your city and state. You will find a comprehensive list of the salons in your area. Articles Check Your Face Shape Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair How To Make Your Hair Less Greasy How To Style Curly Hair The Best Hairstyles For Graduation Haircuts For a Receding Hairline Most Popular Mens Haircuts