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Columbus is a muggy humid place. With 76% humidity on average throughout the year, hair can get frizzy. Overexposure to moisture and high heat can dry out hair strands and damaged hair cuticles. Georgians know that keeping their hair treated right is essential to keeping a healthy head full of hair. Hairdressers in Columbus understand this very well. They offer specialized treatments to keep hair healthy and vibrant. Book Hair Salon Appointments Online in Columbus Plan your next haircut in comfort. Use or download the mobile app to find hair salons near you in Columbus GA. With Booksy, you can find hair salons nearby and their available services. Find the specific hair service you want at a price that works for you. Then click the ‘book’ button right next to it. Fill out the appointment form and remember the date. It’s that easy. What Treatments Are Available at Hair Salons in Columbus? Columbus hair salons and hairdressers are skilled at hair maintenance and repair as well as the traditional basic services. Expect availability of common requests like haircuts, trims, coloring, wash, and styling. You’ll also find special hair treatment and care procedures, deep conditioning, intricate braid care, and facial hair care. Popular Salon Packages in Columbus Braids, ombres, straightening perms, dreadlocks, and blowouts are popular among Columbus hair salon patrons. Ethnic hair types are embracing better natural treatments for their hair. This has led to a trend of natural hair accentuation. The Average Cost of Salon Services in Columbus Common hair services and their average price in Columbus: • Haircut -- $30+ • Trim -- $20+ • Perm -- $80+ • Hair Color -- $50+ • Dreadlocks -- $65+ • Blowout -- $60+ • Highlight -- $40+ • Braids -- $80+ • Silk Press -- $70+ • Weave -- $70+ • Wash and Dry -- $35+ • Wash and Style -- $40+ How Do I Book An Appointment? Save some time and book online. You can find a hair salon near you in Columbus GA from the comfort of your home. Go to or download the mobile app. Use the search bar to enter your location and start the search. Peruse the results of hair salons nearby to find the hair services and prices that match your needs. Once you’ve chosen the service you want, click the “book” button next to it. You’ll need to fill out an appointment information form. After that, you’re all set. Just remember your appointment date and time. Search by Operating Hours Need a haircut right away? Check the salon descriptions from Booksy’s results page. You’ll find the operating hours of salons and hairdressers in Columbus. You can narrow down your search by searching by availability. To do this, click the ‘when?’ section of the search bar and select today’s date. Booksy will remove salons with no available bookings or that have already closed for the day. Getting the Right Hairdresser With Booksy, you can choose the best hairdresser in Columbus for you. Booksy provides detailed search results that show salon services and prices. You can narrow down your search by entering the type of service you need into the search bar. After you’ve found the salons that provide what you need, you’ll want to find the best hair salon in Columbus for your hair. Hairdressers with more experience and skill will usually cost the most. Not every hair need calls for the best in town. You can also look for more budget-friendly prices. Just be sure to check the salon’s reviews to get an idea of which one is best for you. Find Nearby Locations The search bar at the top of or the mobile app is equipped with a section just for searching locations. Click on this portion of the search bar. Type in your city and state or let your device autofill your location. Press enter to start your search. Articles Check Your Face Shape Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair How To Make Your Hair Less Greasy How To Style Curly Hair The Best Hairstyles For Graduation Haircuts For a Receding Hairline Most Popular Mens Haircuts