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Booksy is a free online search engine and booking service that covers beauty services in many cities across America. We employ several filters including services desired, business names, location, services, prices, among other criteria. We will find hair salons near you. Our booking service helps you find the best salon that suits your needs, is highly rated by consumers, and is located within a reasonable distance from you. You will also see the representative prices charged by the posted salons for their various services. What do hair stylists do? Women’s hair styling has been an important focus of human cultures since before the Roman empire. Women grew their hair as long as it would grow and wore it in styles that changed over time. In the early 1780s they had hairstylists, including the famous Leonard Autie, hairdresser to Marie Antonette. They introduced and proudly displayed the Pouf hairstyle that consisted of a tall tower with yards of gauze supporting the hair. It was common to adorn the tower of hair with objects and figures. Soon the Pouf became the rage in France and elsewhere. Society saw new hairstyles become favorites changing almost annually like women’s fashions. Hairstylists had to learn new techniques to keep up with the times and making all styles available to their customers. Hair salons offer a wide range of hair related services including haircutting, shampoos, styling along with treatments like color, highlights, straightening and perms. It is unusual but some large salons might offer other cosmetic services like • Waxing hair removal. • Nail treatments and manicures. • Facials • Skin care treatments • Massages As for hair care, there are differences between a hair dresser and a hair stylist. A hair salon might offer exclusively hair dresser services. Others might offer hair styling services. The elite salons will probably offer the services of both hairdressers and hair stylists. Hairdressers focus on fundamental aspects of shampooing, cutting, and coloring. Hair stylists focus on creating or duplicating styles with curls, perm, updos, etc. They will also consult with you and recommend the best style for you. There are no licensing requirements that distinguish hairdressers from stylists. There is no reason why a so-called hairdresser can’t perform the same functions as a stylist along with their fundamental hairdresser functions. So the difference between a hairdresser and stylist labels has become somewhat obscured. Hair stylists usually specialize in one or two styles so you might want to establish a relationship with more than one stylist. The possible specialties include • Natural hair stylist • Wigmaker • Braider • Loc specialist Our Booksy app should be the first search engine you use to help you find hair stylists in Louisville. How to choose the best hair salon in Louisville. Booksy should be your first search engine for finding the best hair salons in Louisville, We can book appointments in Louisville for hair salons, barbershops, and other services. We can also book appointments for specialists in makeup artists, nail salons, eyebrows and lashes, skin care, message, day spas, and more. Our Booksy system can filter your search by reviews so you can find the best hair salon Louisville. How much is a hair stylist cost? We skimmed the 313 hair salons posted by Booksy for Louisville. Some representative prices are • Haircut, shampoo . $75 • Highlites and color $95 • LOC $100 • Weave $150 Booksy will sort their list of hair salons by price among other criteria. We will find cheap hair salons near you. Find a hair salon near you. Our Booksy system lists hairdresser and hair stylists according to many optional filters. Louisville is a large market so a simple list is not helpful if you can’t judge how far away a given salon is. This is not a problem with Booksy. When you make your search for and schedule an appointment with a hair salon in Louisville the Booksy app will calculate the mileage to each salon posted. Conclusion Whatever your beauty needs or desires, Booksy will help you find the hair salon that best suits you. Contact us on our website to download our app to start your search. Articles Check Your Face Shape Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair How To Make Your Hair Less Greasy How To Style Curly Hair The Best Hairstyles For Graduation Haircuts For a Receding Hairline Most Popular Mens Haircuts