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Hair salons are all-encompassing providers of everything to do with hair. Colored, braided, styled, up-do'ed, wedding hair, prom hair, cuts, shampooed, blow-dried, etc., are all of the things hair salons are known for. When you are trying to find hair salons near you in Lowell, MA, start with, where you will find all of the hair salons you need with their proximity to your location. Book a Hair Stylist Appointment Online in Lowell is the leading website for beauticians, salons, clients, hairdressers, and hair stylists near you. It is the place to go if you offer professional beauty services and the place to check first if you are a client in need of services. The website helps you find hairdressers near you and find the best hair salon in Lowell to do your hair. Booksy makes it so easy to book a beauty appointment too. Use their website or their app on your phone. Search for "hair salons in Lowell" and then scroll through your options to find available stylists and hairdressers. Appointment availability is listed there, so you only have to select a time, date, and location to have your hair done. The Difference Between a Hair Stylist and a Hairdresser A hairdresser washes, dries, and cuts hair. The hairdresser may also offer coloring or highlights. The hair stylist creates unique hair cuts and styles your hair in very specific ways (e.g., fancy braids or up-do's for special occasions). While their work is similar, the process is very different. If you just need a trim, want a new haircut, or want a special occasion hairdo, opt for a stylist. How to Choose the Best Hair Salon in Lowell, MA Hair salons receive awards and ratings honors by nationally accredited and acclaimed professional organizations. Look for the salons that have these awards and star ratings. Also read through customer and client reviews to see how others enjoyed or disliked their experiences with certain salons. How Much Does a Salon Charge to Do Hair? That really depends on who you are scheduled to see. Inexperienced stylists and hairdressers are paid the least, so they cost the least. Around $25 to less than $60 is pretty typical for the lesser experienced professionals, depending on which services you are requesting. The "masters" at a salon can charge the most and already have a big client base. Somewhere in between are the other stylists and hairdressers at a salon. Services like coloring and perming your hair cost more than just a wash and cut. Multiple services at flat rates add up quickly, too. It helps to ask how a set of services is priced before you book. You can check some of these costs by going through How to Find Hair Salons Open Now Most hair salons in Lowell and everywhere else in the country open around 9am or so. Some might open later, while others open a little earlier. Operating hours are set by individual salons and by the stylists and hairdressers that rent their chairs in said salons. You have to first choose a salon to find the general operating hours, and then select a hair professional to find out what hours that professional works. Booksy allows you to narrow down your search for open salons by choosing location and the time you want to book an appointment. These refined searches really help you avoid disappointment from bad search engines outside of Booksy. Cheap Hair Salon in Lowell, MA Most low-cost hair salons are chain salons. You can go to one of those and still get a decent haircut. However, if you want more than just a basic cut, but you also need a budget-friendly hair professional, use Booksy to find what you need. Narrow down your options by looking specifically for "cheap hair salons Lowell". Then narrow the search further by selecting a price range you are able to pay for services. Results for your desired services and price range will pop up. Hairdressers Near You or Hair Stylists Near You Booksy can find any hairdresser or stylist near you. You simply have to search via city and state and the type of hair professional or salon you are looking for. Book your first online appointment to have your hair done in Lowell, MA today through While you're at it, see if there are any other beauty specialists you need. Articles Check Your Face Shape Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair How To Make Your Hair Less Greasy How To Style Curly Hair The Best Hairstyles For Graduation Haircuts For a Receding Hairline Most Popular Mens Haircuts