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Do your DIY nails tend to turn out like Pinterest Fails? Maybe you can’t paint as steady with your non-dominant hand. Or maybe you’re over worrying about painting your nails and want to leave it to a professional. Kissimmee nail techs receive training in a number of nail techniques and can give you the look you’ve been dreaming of. A Kissimmee nail technician can give you a long-lasting manicure, complete with accent nails or nail art that glitters in the Florida sunshine. Gel or acrylic styles can even last you up to two full weeks--perfect for that upcoming vacation. Book your appointment for nails in Kissimmee, Fl. and stop worrying about doing your nails yourself. Treat yourself to a professional manicure. Breaking Down Professional Nail Services The services menu of a nail salon can seem confusing to clients. Let us break down some of the more popular offerings: Express manicures include trimming, buffing, and standard polish application, while a deluxe manicure includes all of the above in addition to soaking and moisturizing. Both gel and acrylic nails can extend the length of clients’ nails and last up to two weeks. Both styles require UV curing to set the polish and nail techs recommend salon removal to keep your natural nails healthy. No-chip and Shellac nails use a gel-based polish for a long-lasting look, but cannot extend clients’ nail length. Express pedicures include shaping, buffing, and standard polish application. A deluxe pedicure also includes a foot soak, callus removal, and often times, a foot massage in addition to the services offered in an express pedicure. How Long is an Appointment for Nails in Kissimmee? An appointment for nails in Kissimmee, Florida typically takes about 60 minutes for gel or acrylic styles. Express nail services usually take about 30-45 minutes. How Much Do Nails Cost in Kissimmee? The cost of a trip to the nail salon in Kissimmee, Fl. depends on the service desired. Some popular offerings and their average costs are listed below. Express Manicure: $15 Express Pedicure: $20 Express Mani-Pedi: $30 Acrylics: $35 and up Gel: $45 and up Pink and White Nails: $40 Removal of Gel or Acrylics: $5 Nail Art Designs Add-on: $3 How Do I Book an Appointment for Nails in Kissimmee? Let a Kissimmee nail tech give you instagrammable nails that need no filter! Check out the listings above for the highest-rated nail salons in Kissimmee, Fl., or use the free Booksy app to schedule your appointment today!