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  • LASH815

    7107 N. Alpine Rd., Loves Park, 61111

    Tattoo Removal


    Classic Lash Extension Full Set 👑

    Classic lashes are a softer and more "classic" look, where a single lash is placed per individual natural lash....
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    Fluffy Classics

    Add Length and Volume. And Enjoy the Luxury of Softness. A Fan Favorite😍
  • The Grooming Artist

    460 E. 35th St., Suite #26, Chicago, 60616

    Starter Locs (1-3 Inches)



    On The 11th Minute The Appointment Is Cancelled! NO EXCEPTIOPNS! Finding Parking Etc. Doesn't Waive This Fee O...r Cancelled Appointment . Please Be Mindful Of My Other Clients Time, Its Not Fair For Their Time To Be Compromised Because Of Someone Else's Tardiness. I Have The Right To Decline Any Service To A Client Who Is 10 Or More Minuets Late To Their Scheduled Appointment.
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    COVID 19 Policy

    GOOD NEWS!!! The Grooming Artist Reopens June 1st I hope you’re as excited about this as i am 🤩 As you are... aware we are still battling this pandemic, and because of this I am forced to implement some changes with the way I do business. First and foremost, I ASK FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING with me as I too am adapting to this new way of servicing you. I have implemented some safety methods that ALL clients will need to adhere to. Unfortunately, our “new normal” requires us to follow these guidelines and I need your help🤷🏾 ALL CLIENTS ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR A MASK(no exceptions) EVERYONE MUST SANITIZE HANDS UPON ENTERING SALON NO GUEST ARE ALLOWED WITH CLIENTS(no waiting permitted) CLIENTS MUST SCHEDULE ALL DESIRED SERVICES(no add on services will be permitted unless time proactive) ‼️DO NOT COME TO APPOINTMENT IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ANY COLD SYMPTOMS(you will be asked to leave)‼️ Along with the safety precautions above, The Grooming Artist has implemented some safety measures within the salon as well. Salon shampoo, dryer, waiting, and stylist chairs will be properly disinfected after each client no reuse/sharing of salon capes(each client will have their own cape at time of service) Social distancing at dryers appointment times have been lengthened to make sure there’s no more than 2 clients in the salon at once(one under dryer one in chair) salon will be properly disinfected and sanitized throughout the day as well as at the end of each work day I am looking forward to coming back and getting to work! I don’t think I can fully express how much I truly have missed each of you! These times are the unknown for all of us, so this will definitely take some getting use to on both of our part. If you have a recurring appointment, you will notice some time changes to prevent overlapping of appointments. If the time change doesn’t work for you please call me and we will try to figure out a better schedule for you. To make this all flow seamlessly, I am asking that everyone arrive ON TIME for your appointments. As long as these measures prove to be effective, I will be able to service more clients with the hopes of not having to stretch the schedule any further. Keep in mind, the further I stretch the schedule the less clients I can service, which makes it harder for you to get the desired dates and times. With all that being said and hopefully understood....... THE SCHEDULE IS NOW OPEN‼️🙌🏾 GO AHEAD AND BOOK YOUR NEXT SERVICE Please call or text me with any and all questions or concerns✨💛 ~ Courtney
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  • EyeCandy Body Spa & Boutique

    2026 W 119th St, Chicago, 60643

    PMU/ Tattoo Removal/ Mole Removal


    LED Mask Light Therapy (add on)


    Pure Sculpting Facial Icing

  • Esther's Braids

    5731 W 35th St, Cicero, 60804

    Saline Tattoo Removal

    Remove unwanted permanent makeup and body tattoos with Saline Removal. Two or more Sessions may be required ba...sed on how penetrated ink is.
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    2 Braids No Design

    -Natural Hair Only -Price is (Starting price.) Price does Vary by Length - Does NOT include Shampoo &. BlowD...ry and Flat Iron Service. These are add on services.
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    2 Braids W/ Slight Design

    -Natural Hair Only -Price is (Starting price.) Price does Vary by Length & Style - Does NOT include Shampoo &.... BlowDry and Flat Iron Service. These are add on services.
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  • Skyn Studio

    2860 N Broadway suite 44, Chicago, 60657

    Li-Ft Saline Tattoo Removal

    Senior Artist Powder Microblading

    Senior Artist Hair Strokes Microblading