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Though clip-in hair extensions can be a quick and easy method of adding length to your tresses, they aren’t all that practical for everyday use. But if you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of putting in hair extensions every morning or adjusting them throughout the day, you can always opt for a more long-lasting solution, which is a weave. You’ll find many different salons across NYC that offer weave services, but for the ultimate convenient booking experience, download Booksy. The Booksy mobile app is designed to show you local businesses near you, wherever you are and at any time of day (or night). So head over to the app store to download Booksy to your iOS or Android device in order to begin your hunt for salons that offer weave in New York City. What is a weave and how does it work? The weave is essentially a hairpiece that is sewn in with natural hair in order to add volume and length. Technically, the weave has been around for hundreds of years, although not as we know it today. In Ancient Egypt pharaohs and people of high-class status would add length to their hair through a system of knotting. Today, modern-day weaves are much more refined, using a braiding and sewing technique. When you arrive at the salon for your weave appointment, it’ll first begin by receiving a wash and dry service. In order to best prepare the hair for a weave, shampooing, conditioning, and blow-drying the hair is an essential first step. Once the hair is fully dry, your hair will be tightly braided against your scalp, usually in a cornrow style. Then, your stylist will begin to sew rows of extension hair into your braids using a needle and thread, repeating the process until all the hair has been sewn in. Weaves can be designed using either natural or synthetic hair—the choice is entirely up to you. Many people opt for using weaves made with synthetic hair because of its convenient price point and to achieve hair that holds its shape well. On the other hand, human hair weaves are quite popular because of how natural they look. With natural weaves, you can treat the hair as your own, which allows you to wash, dry, and add heat to it as needed. How long a weave will last can greatly vary, however, if you provide your weave with the right amount of TLC, it can last for up to six to eight weeks. It’s generally recommended to have your weave taken out after about eight weeks maximum to avoid damage to the natural hair and scalp.  How do I choose the best service for weaves in New York City?  For any of your hair care appointment needs, you can turn to Booksy—including locating the best services for weaves in New York City. Finding the top salons in your area starts with launching the Booksy mobile app or accessing Booksy.com from your web browser. There, you’ll encounter a search bar, where you can input personalized data based on your search. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see an array of business listings appear below. If you see any listings that catch your eye, check them out by clicking on them and reading their client reviews. Or simply click on the “Sort by” feature, which will quickly show you either the businesses that are “Recommended by Booksy'' or the “Top Reviewed” ones. How much does a weave cost? There are multiple factors that go into how much a weave will cost including the length and thickness of your natural hair, the length and thickness of your weave, whether the weave is made from natural or synthetic hair, and how long it takes to install the weave, among others. Because this list is so extensive, the average cost is broad, varying from $100 to $600. But instead of getting lost in such a huge range, you can use go on Booksy and discover the exact pricing for your desired services. Weave near me If you’ve already learned how to use the Booksy search engine bar to locate the best weave services in New York City, finding weave services nearby is just the same. Using the search bar, input the correct information into the provided search fields—just double check that you’ve set your location to NYC in order to obtain the most accurate results. That’s all! You can then flip through your options and make a selection based on what works best for you. Additionally, you can use the “Filters and Localization” button to view results based on neighborhood or zip code, and the “Map View” tool will help when it comes to getting a broader viewpoint of where nearby salons offer weave services are located.