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If you’re no stranger to protective hairstyles, you likely have your fair share of knowledge of braiding styles like box braids and cornrows. You may even be familiar with twist methods such as the Havana or Marley twists—but another must-try style is Senegalese twists. And as with plenty of other health and beauty-related services, you can book an appointment for Senegalese twists in New York City via the Booksy application. On the Booksy mobile app, you can use a variety of helpful tools to aid you in locating salons that offer Senegalese twist services nearby and book your favorite. To start exploring your options, download the Booksy app to your Android or iOS device. What are Senegalese twists and how do they work? There are many different types of protective styles that exist today, and that includes Senegalese twists. First, before we get into what Senegalese twists are—let’s talk about what exactly a protective style is. A protective style is a style of doing hair that is designed to minimize manipulation and keep the hair intact. Specifically, Senegalese twists are a twisted style that resembles ropes, hence why they’re also often referred to as “rope twists”. They’re created by taking two strands of hair and twisting them vertically around each other to form a braid-like strand. The ends are then secured to keep the hair from unraveling. Senegalese twists can be done with either human or synthetic hair extensions, but synthetic hair is considered to reign supreme when it comes to this protective style. This is because the texture of synthetic hair helps prevent the braids from falling out of place prematurely. There are many reasons why Senegalese twists are popular, but one key reason is that they are considered to be very low maintenance—and if properly cared for, they last around three months. Senegalese twists are also a pretty versatile hairstyle, allowing you to play around with length, thickness, and color. Some people even choose to add additional elements to their Senegalese twists such as beads or shells.  How do I choose the best service for Senegalese twists in New York City?  In New York City, your options are nearly limitless when it comes to hair styling and braiding salons, but with such a huge pool of options, the task of locating the top service can seem impossible. Not to worry, with Booksy it’s not only possible but simple too! On the Booksy mobile app, enter your information into the required search fields. When you’ve done that, you can begin exploring options of salons that offer Senegalese twists in New York City. To make the most suitable decision for yourself, take some time to read reviews left by other Booksy users. Using the “Sort by'' button will also be a helpful tool during your search, as it’ll let you arrange listings by “Top Reviewed” or “Recommended by Booksy”. How much do Senegalese twists cost? The price you’ll pay for Senegalese twists will largely depend on where you’re located and the salon you choose to visit. Salons in larger, metropolitan areas will typically have higher prices than those in less populated, suburban areas. Likewise, a few other factors also come into the picture—such as the length of the hair being twisted and the time it takes to do it. At Booksy, each merchant is able to create their own price lists and set their own service costs. So during your search, you’ll find pricing listed directly next to each service. Senegalese twist near me Booksy is your personal assistant for helping you find local businesses for a variety of health, beauty, and wellness services. If you’re searching for Senegalese twists in New York City, just input your information into the Booksy search engine bar. If you’ve correctly set your location to NYC, you’ll be shown listings from throughout the city. To further narrow down your listings, select the “Filters and Localization” tool to browse by area or zip code. You can also try out the “Map View” button to get a better picture of where exactly the businesses are located.