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Wedding Makeup in Tampa

Tampa is both a beautiful city and a beautiful place to have a wedding. The architecture of the city and the nature of the coast can combine to give you the perfect day with the perfect mood to start the rest of your life! Make sure you look just as lovely on your big day with the right look from a professional wedding makeup artist, who can make sure you, your bridesmaids, and your family feel and look their best. All About Wedding Makeup Artists in Tampa Professional wedding makeup services typically start with a trial consultation with the bride-to-be, in order to perfect the look you want and coordinate your makeup with your hair, dress, and other details such as wedding colors or flowers. Makeup provided by a professional makeup artist may include: A standard makeup application consisting of foundation, contouring, eye makeup, and features. An airbrush application, which typically does not take as long to apply and tends to feel lighter on the skin. However, airbrush makeup not work well for all skin types. False eyelashes that the makeup artist may apply for you. Wedding makeup artists typically offer services the day of your wedding to bridesmaids, flower girls, and family members, including the mother of the bride. How Long Does Wedding Makeup Take in Tampa? It typically takes at least 30 to 45 minutes per person to have their makeup done the day of the wedding, and may take up to an hour for certain looks. Depending on the amount of people getting ready with you, a makeup artist may be hired for several hours. Your look is made to last all day and night, not only during your service, but while you get into your dress, take pictures, and celebrate at the reception. How Much Does a Wedding Makeup Artist Cost in Tampa? A wedding makeup artist may range from $75 to $100 per person, depending on the products used and difficulty of the look you choose. Additional costs may be added for false lashes, using special palettes, or other add-ons. Some makeup artists offer packages that include the trial, day-of makeup, and an extended stay for touch-ups throughout the day. These packages tend to range from $100 to $350. How to Find Wedding Makeup Artists in Tampa Return to the listing above or download the free Booksy app to find your perfect wedding makeup artist in Tampa today! Articles Wedding Makeup Ideas Wedding Pedicure Designs Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair 10 Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair 10 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles Wedding Manicure