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Is there anything better than a fresh cut or colour after you’ve (stupidly) taken matters into you own hands and gave yourself a DIY makeover? Well… yes. Yes there is. We know the stress of finding a hair stylist that’s waaaay out of your budget and completely out of reach. And between us, here at Booksy that word is pretty much forbidden here!  Now, before you go on a rampage searching for the nearest and cheapest hair salon in Centurion, perhaps you should first figure what service you need and what your budget is. And if you’ve got a few moments (and rands) to spare, you could even treat yourself to a little extra something at the hair salon. I mean, after that disastrous DIY makeover attempt at home, a bit of pampering won’t do you any harm, right? So, now that you’ve got the logistics out the way, let Booksy take over and help you find your new best (hair stylist) bestie!  Can I book my hair salon appointment online in Centurion? You’ll find the best hair salons in Centurion through the Booksy platform. You can book your appointment through our web page or directly through the browser using Google integration. If you’re tech savvy and prefer something more nifty, you can download our free Booksy mobile app and secure your slot there. The Booksy platform lets you view the hair salon’s rating and availability, book your appointment, and leave a review after your treatment. We will also send a notification or reminder of your upcoming treatments. How can I find the best hair salon near me? The Booksy platform filters your search to find the best hair salons in your area. Booksy has a wide range of local health and beauty salons for you to choose from and allows you to tailor your search according to your price range and location. You can also use the map view to search for hair salons in Centurion and compare their rates and reviews before making your final pick. How can I find affordable hair salon in Centurion? There are many reputable hair salons in Centurion. In fact, Centurion is known for its hair styling academies and grooming aspiring stylists to reach their full potential. However, while the options are endless, it can also be slightly overwhelming to know which one to pick that will suit your pockets and convenience. Prices vary depending on the establishment, their expertise and often the location. With the Booksy platform, you can compare prices of hair salons easily. You can also sift through various services of the hair salon or check out their monthly specials. If you’re more on the fussy side and really want to get down to finding the perfect fit, you can simply click on their profile and compare it to your top picks in Centurion. How can I find a hair salon in Centurion that is open right now? On the Booksy platform, we make sure that the booking process is as quick and easy as possible. There’s no extra frills like contacting the salon to confirm any details because everything is readily available on the app. All hair salons have their work hours up on their profile, so you can your preferred date and time based on the day spa’s availability. You can also view the hair salon’s monthly schedule and even check how long treatments will generally take.. If you need to make a same-day appointment, the Booksy platform allows you to secure your slot to the nearest hour.  How can I find a hair salon that is open near me? You can use the Booksy app or web page to find the nearest hair salon in Centurion that is open. All you have to do is turn your location services on, so you can easily find a hair salon near you. You are also able to filter your search according to suburbs or zip codes or browse through the areas on the map view. For a more refined and quicker search, we suggest choosing your preferred appointment date as the primary search option. This will help you find the best hair salon available near you, at your nearest convenience